Charming Converted Churches

In Canada, it isn't unusual for buildings which have outserved their original purpose to be torn down but sometimes, thankfully, they're repurposed. When that happens, there can be some terrific opportunities to redevelop interesting spaces out of the constraints and opportunities of the original space plan and architecture.

The Church conversion provides some fascinating examples of this. As churches become victims of shrinking congregations and changing approaches to faith, their obsolesce invites new purposes.

This Tweed, Ontario conversion is a wonderful example of residential repurposing.



From the exterior, this conversion still retains the shape and image of a church…


... but with domestic comforts within.

This visually engaging space blends modern conveniences with historical decoration.

From the carved oak paneled fireplace to the claw foot bath tub, this home is meant to connect comfortably with the past.



I love the windows, which you simply don't find in other forms of building.

Along with filtering light through their narrow fenestration, the original stained glass enhances the ethereal ambience of this enlightening space.



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Photographs – Eric Galbraith

Research and Written by Sarah Coates, Masters Student of History at the University of Toronto.

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