Compact Dream Home By Michael Green & Sahra Samnani In Vancouver, BC

Vancouver architect Michael Green, and his partner interior designer Sahra Samnani, have come together to design the home of their dreams in just 1500 square feet.

The couple's new home in Kitsilano, Vancouver has overcome a huge design challenge; living lavishly with less. 




Michael Green - and his firm - has a reputation for building towers out of engineered wood in Vancouver including the North Vancouver City Hall addition and Ronald McDonald House. His life partner, Sahra Samnani, worked with Green to create a total transformation to a 1980 duplex through the use of glass, concrete, steel, and slatted wood. The pair has come together to renovate the home of their dreams on a 32 foot lot.




The duo strived for simplicity, indoor/outdoor engagement, compactness and storage space.

The stick-frame structure was reinvented and the original floor levels and stairways were demolished.

The side entrance was then moved to the front and the gutted interior was rebuilt as three vertically stacked blocks of organization.





Visitors enter the space through a jogged, descending path and are met with a micro-office.

The remainder of the ground floor is meant for the couple's two teenagers by means of two bedrooms with adjacent bathrooms, as well as a flex space/music room, a hall to garage, and an exit outdoors.

Stairs then lead up to the second floor which holds the kitchen, dining, and living areas.







The open-concept floor plan identifies various zones through detailed millwork.

Privacy is found on the deck by slatted wood fencing just off the living/lounge area.

Built-in cabinetry was essential in the planning of this home to elevate its efficiency.

The hiding of objects is thoughtful; even the kitchen counter can be hidden through a bifold panel.




From the second floor you make your way up to the top-level master suite by passing the douglas fir stairway. The glass-walled master bathroom that follows is rod-reinforced and structurally cantilevered, allowing it to float over the entertainment space below.

This mindfully designed home offers an alternative to the way we approach housing which is what truly attracted me to it in the first place. I love that this couple who are both very successful in the architecture and design field were able to create the home of their dreams using limited space. This home is truly inspiring as it teaches us that we can live lavishly while also being conscious of how much space is necessary. Through careful consideration and awareness,strategic design can create efficient tasteful design.


All photos courtesy of Azure Magazine and Ema Peter Photography


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Researched and Written by Syrina Gatta, Interior Design student at Sheridan College

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