High House By Delordinaire In Quebec City, Quebec

The High House in Quebec City, Quebec is a private residence completed in 2017 by the architectural firm - Delordinaire. Although their main office is located in Paris, France, Delordinaire has a studio in Montreal Quebec. Their firm focuses on extraordinary designs that generate unique atmosphere. The High House certainly embodies this vision - with a compelling geometric elegance.



The dynamic volumetric space is elevated over it hilltop surroundings on stilts which acts both as a barrier to the environmental elements while providing a sublime unobstructed view of Mont Saint- Anne. Known for its excellent skiing and snowboarding, Mont Saint- Anne attracts visitors from all over the world, where High House quickly turns heads.



High House's crisp clean exterior is the result of white concrete panel cladding and corrugated steel roof panels which complement the snowscape. These materials in combination with the triangular shape of the home mimic the natural mountainous landscape, creating a 'modern castle' ideal for our Canadian winters.





The thin stilts are by contrast a rich satin black, which heightens the uniqueness of the home's design. The hovering volume of the design personally calls to mind a distant television episode of the X-files "that should have happened but didn’t", evoking a compelling mildly uneasy feeling with an ‘unable to place’ institutional level of importance. It's almost like a space-ship that is technologically advanced, with the illusion of domesticity.




Heightening the mystery of High House is the strangely serene liminal space leading up to the entrance of the home. Up a floating metal stair, hollow wood and paneled entrance provides a transition space with ample natural light and protection from the elements.




From the outside, the floating wood clad entrance corridor adds a delicate contrast to the strong minimalist volume and a drama to its alienesque presence - especially with the cascading steps reaching down from the volumes void cutout. This abstract entryway acts as a visual anchor to the elevated home, connecting High House to its landscape.




High House is an extremely compelling architectural project in Quebec. The crisp lines evoke my own memories of growing up under the icy veil of a - 40-degree winter, while its pristine white cladding reflects the blinding beauty of the snow on a sunny day. The delicate mimesis of the Canadian Landscape executed by The High House not only expertly embodies Canada’s unique climate but offers viewers an eerie sense of mystery.

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Be sure to also peruse their website: Delordinaire

Photographs reproduced courtesy of Olivier Blouin

Researched and written by Amanda Salmon, a Bachelor of Fine Art Graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Posted In: Quebec

Posted In: Quebec

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