La Sentinelle In Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, Quebec


Here at, we love Naturehumaine.

As an architecture firm based out of Montreal, their past work (seen on HERE and HERE) has displayed their aptitude for working in the urban landscape. However, a recent project shows that their talent and skills aren’t confined to the city environment. In fact, their 2013 construction of a family home on Lac-de-la-Cabane has given us even more to love.

Inhabited by a couple and their 3 kids, this home is about an hour outside of Montreal in the Laurentian mountains (click HERE for map). The house has been named La Sentinelle (the Sentinel) which is rather fitting, given this residence is perched atop a hill overlooking the lake and appears to the guarding the landscape and its residents. The fortress-like bars of the garage further illustrate the concept of La Sentinelle.

Built from the ground up, this custom home meets the needs of a family without sacrificing style. From conception to completion, this project displays Naturehumaine’s ability to adapt their distinct style to a variety of landscapes and utilities.  Seen below, the firm has also managed to include spaces for youth activities while still preserving the buildings’ sophisticated allure.


Located in a part of the Canadian Shield, this home is situated on a rocky terrain.

It seems that the architects used this notion to influence their design. In the picture below, it appears that the home itself is protruding from the landscape like a rock.



Above, we can see how Naturehumaine effectively juxtaposes the industrial materials of the building like glass and steel with the natural landscape of stone and wood. This theme is also carried into the interior of the home where the architects have seamlessly contrasted hard materials with soft, minimally processed wood. 



La Sentinelle's contemporary aesthetic compliments the rugged and rustic landscape of the Laurentian mountains.

I find it magical.


Researched and written by Larisa Nagelberg, graduate of Environmental and Human Geography from The University of Toronto 

All photos courtesy of Naturehumaine , with photo credit to Adrien Williams 

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