Lefebvre-Smyth Residence In Kaleden, British Columbia By CEI Architecture

How wonderful would it be to live in a modern bright home, perched on a hillside in Penticton, with a magnificent view of Skaha Lake? Mmmmh, I can just imagine myself there now!

Complementing this beautiful landscape, the Lefebvre-Smyth Residence, by CEI Architecture, is a contemporary residence located on the west bank of Skaha Lake in Kaleden, British Columbia.




Built for their clients, Yvonne Lefebvre and David Smyth, CEI Architecture adopted a minimalist footprint on the sloping site to reduce costs while increasing efficiency, Having 3,000 square feet property, the entertainment level is situated on the upper level to capture the exceptional vistas. 





CEI Architects wanted to remain true to the region so they built it using local materials which include: glue laminated beams, wood decking, and TJI’s. The wood is placed in proximity to the metal siding that wraps from the roof down onto one side of each wing of the structure.  





The sloping roof is the main characteristic of this house, designed to limit the amount of direct sunlight into the interior during the summer season. The remaining part of the shallow roof continues to extend, incorporating the garage, laundry facility, and studio. 





Sustainable features include storm water management strategies and water efficient landscaping, which works in favour of bearing the hot and sunny summers of Penticton. There is also an effective use of skylights to emphasize internal light circulation.





Led by designers Nick Bevanda and Robert Cesnik, CEI Architecture did a brilliant job in creating this residence. I believe that the Lefebvre-Smyth Residence maintains a sense of fluidity with its spectacular natural surroundings. This house is definitely going on my vision board!

Visit CEI Architecture to check out more impressive examples of their work.

Photos courtesy of CEI Architecture.


Researched and written by Priyasha Singh, Undergraduate student of Environmental Design, OCAD University

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