Modern Dwelling In Burlington, Ontario By SMPL Design Studio

SMPL Design Studio is a Hamilton based architectural services company that specializes in sustainable modern residences across Canada. The studio prides themselves on the collaborative process they take by engaging in every aspect of the project from start to finish. They are there with their clients every step of the way from consulting and drawing, to planning and building.



Exterior of modern style Burlington home by SMPL Design Studio. 



Joel Tanner - the owner and lead designer at SMPL Design Studio - shares what inspired him to enter his field, "I graduated from the three year architectural technology diploma at Algonquin College and spent five years working in the trade with two companies before starting my own firm at the ripe age of twenty four. I always had a passion for design and architecture with inspiration deriving from Frank Lloyd Wright and his work. I have always wanted to design homes for a living and am now living my dream every day with SMPL". The modern concepts of Frank Lloyd Wright can be seen in much of the homes built and designed by the studio.



Main Floor foyer view through to dining area, kitchen, living room and patio.



Recently the firm had the opportunity to design and build a 2,623 square foot modern style home in Burlington, Ontario. The clients were a couple with teenagers so the intent of the design was to create a tightly-designed family home. The residence is designed with an open plan entertainment space for the family to gather with a second floor lounge dedicated for their kids to spend time with friends, complete homework and watch their media. The lounge connects to two balconies to view the property's exceptional landscape.



Second Floor lounge view to patio area. 



One goal was to create a strong indoor / outdoor connection. The site has numerous mature trees, giving the family a Muskoka get-away ambience without leaving their property. A substantial deck is accessed from the Entertainment level, while elongated and transom windows flood the space with natural light while ensuring privacy from two neighbours located in proximity to the house. A neutral palette of white and grey walls, with light wood flooring, creates a monocromatic simplicity.



Rear of home featuring large glazing and vast amounts of agriculture. 



Joel's inspiration includes "Discussions with clients and understanding where their passion lies is the largest trigger for our inspiration. It's those conversations and discussions of options as a team that get the wheels spinning to create something stunning, exciting and different on each project". This is clearly evident in the way the studio designed this home. Every detail of the house was designed and built with the clients vision in mind in order to create a truly unique home.



Front of home with large glazing to display staircase and front paneling. 



From the street scape, passersby can embrace the beauty of the interior architecture through the three large glass panels located at the heart of the home, exposing the industrial style staircase. This gives viewers a sneak peek without the need to even enter the space.



Master Bedroom found on the second floor of the home with patio access. 



SMPL Design Studio current has 35 projects in concept and permit stages and a further 20 projects under construction. Seventy five percent of the company's work is focused on new modern residential design. This passion - and commitment to excellence - certainly helps position them in the modern dwelling design field.


All photos courtesy of SMPL Design Studio.


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Researched and Written by Syrina Gatta, Interior Design student at Sheridan College.

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