Modern Luxe In Ottawa By Christopher Simmonds Architect

“Successful buildings must be thoughtful, fitting into their neighbourhoods while encouraging human interactions within.”

- Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc.


Here at we love Christopher Simmonds Architect, so it's with great pleasure to write about this beautiful modern riverside home and showcase it in our evolving collection of online posts!

Located in Dubrobin, Ontario, Samantha Schneider - who is a Project Architect at Christopher Simmonds Architect - designed this masterpiece using the firm’s signature style of mixing exterior cladding materials. We have seen this firm use this technique in our previous posts, which include “Modern Infill in Ottawa”, “House in New Edinburgh”, and “A Home in the Gatineau Hills”.

Gracefully resting on the shores of Ottawa River, Schneider has managed to create a luxurious dwelling without disturbing the beauty and essence of its surrounding environment; Here’s how she did it:





The backyard integrates a spa and an outdoor kitchen, with a terrace and clear finished wood steps that can also be interpreted as interactive architecture, while providing extra seating. Consequently, this gentle yet sustainable design creates a space that is used for both relaxation and entertainment. Schneider's intent to respect the existing land led her to design the outdoor spa as an above grade element; a modern invention that exists without immensely impacting the site.  

The arrangement of concrete pavers achieves continuity that connects the multi-functional backyard to the front lawn of the house.





Continuity becomes a distinct feature as the colour scheme of the exterior flows seamlessly into the interior with grey, white, and natural wood accents. The interior celebrates nature by co-opting elements found in the landscape, like the polished wooden dining table and bench below, which is oriented to the garden.





See how the colours of the interior floor match the exterior concrete pavers?

My favourite room in the house is the kitchen! The contrast of pure whites with a grey glass backsplash and stainless steel appliances, subtly accented with a cladding of mid-tone wood, is extremely pleasing to my eyes.





The same colour colour palette is carried throughout the house, including the master bedroom sanctuary and spa-like washrooms. 





The bedroom floor is surfaced in natural wood. This visual aesthetic, paired with the backdrop of the property’s trees growing naturally in the distance, achieves an illusion of being apart of the outdoors, while actually being indoors.





It's clear this home was designed for people who appreciate both a natural setting and contemporary living!

To learn more about them, and the projects that they are currently working on, visit Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc.

Photos courtesy of Doublespace Photography


Researched and written by Sanaz Daliri, alumna of the University of Toronto, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design.

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