Montreal’s La Géode By ADHOC Architectes

Located in Le Plateau Mont-Royal, a borough in Montreal, Quebec, La Géode is a multi-unit housing complex built using contemporary housing technologies to attract a new generation of tenants that value their locality and the health of the environment. 

Designed by ADHOC Architectes, their main focus was to bring both individuals and families back into the city by combining multi-level living, public exterior spaces, and environmentally friendly elements within the complex. Wow, did they deliver on that promise!



{Front Facade of La Géode within its urban context}


Lovingly called "La Géode" (which is the French translation of Geode, referring to a cave that is lined with crystals or minerals), the structure is wrapped in a contemporary grey brick facade featuring large picture windows which frame the urban landscape. 

However, a beautiful facade is not all that La Géode has going for it. If you follow the funky triangulated alleyway from the sidewalk on the building's south-east side, it leads to the lobby in a public courtyard where residents can circulate and congregate.

This courtyard enables floor plans with windows on three-or-more sides. In addition, it contains a garden for residents to enjoy, which is surprisingly unusual for low-density complexes.



{Interior courtyard of La Géode}



The courtyard takes centre stage, both because the units' windows are oriented to it, offering pretty vistas and opportunities for engagement. 

The ground floor units include glazed doors and small patios that also open up the courtyard. These flood the interiors with natural light, while creating semi-private and public spaces. 

As seen in the image below, the interior spaces are as light and minimal as the complex's exterior. 



{Floorplate windows that allow natural light into the basements of ground floor units}


The interior spaces are designed with the same conceptual framework as the exterior. I really like the glass insets in the floorplates of the ground floor units, that allow natural lightto filter into the lower level spaces. 

La Géode's conceptual framework reflects ADHOC Architectes' commitment to communal green living. In the diagram below, ADHOC Architectes illustrates the form of La Géode first as it transformed the building into a space for tenants who can value nature in an urban environment. 



{Diagram showing design process and concepts of La Géode}



As the Canadian climate is quite distinct during seasonal cycles, the courtyard is not only a dynamic living space that is reflective of the seasons, but also a well-sheltered space for the tenants to enjoy the beauties of each season in somewhat of a small scale urban micro-environment. I applaud ADHOC Architectes for creating such an artistic building that connects nature within the city's dense urban fabric. I suspect this is a complex where the demand to live there exceeds their availability.


To learn more about their impressive designs, visit ADHOC architectes.


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All images courtesy of World-Architects


Written and researched by Andrew Cara; Architecture Design, History, Theory, and Criticism. Graduate Student at Carleton's Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism.

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