Omar Gandhi Crowns Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia With An Ocean Perch Called Fyren

Along the west side of Nova Scotia’s Halifax Harbour lies an edgy asymmetric building from the mind of Omar Gandhi.





The home is a very visible beacon, seated atop one of the highest sea-side plateaus in the Halifax area.





As a result of its geographical positioning, the residence has clear views of both Point Pleasant Park and the open waters of the harbour.





The l-shaped layout of this structure employs twists and turns that create an internal court and driveway approach. This layout strategically points towards two critical views that provide distinct and unique vistas from within different areas of the home.

Furthermore, the form of the dwelling simultaneously allows a variety of framed views of the structure itself, in the foreground of the long and wide view.





The stratification of the house accommodates the intended program of the home: the three distinct levels are such that the bottom is used for entry and storage, the middle for sleeping and the top for daily living and family activity.





The interior is clad in a palette made up of traditional mid-century modern materials. These include some finishes of walnut and birch that bring the warm language of the woody surroundings into the character of the home.





Other materials like white lacquer and concrete provide an internal warmth that also manages to associate with the more rigid formal feeling of the exterior.





The large layered volumes are all held together by a uniting central staircase dressed in walnut plywood.







Omar Gandhi is making a name as one of the Canadian architects to keep an eye on, and with brilliant work like this one, it is easy to see why. Fyren, (as the house is called) adds a new dynamic to its already beautiful setting, as it spices up the views that it frames for the family it was designed to cater to.





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All photos are courtesy of DoubleSpace Photography.

Researched and Written by Yinoluwa Olowofoyeku, Undergraduate Student of Architectural Design at the University of Toronto

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