Port Hope House By Teeple Architects, Ontario

Teeple Architects - a Toronto-based firm with a repetoire of creative projects across Canada serving both private to public sectors - including restaurants and museums - also designs some pretty bespoke private residences including this one in Port Hope, a small town with a population of around 16,000 people. Located about 109 kilometers east of Toronto (about an hour's drive from the city on Highway 401), Port Hope is a municipality of Southern Ontario that was named after Henry Hope (a Quebec lieutenant governor).



Port Hope Home looking up the main driveway towards the house.


Given the extreme seasons of this lakeside site, Mother Nature played an influential role in how Teeple Architects designed this Port Hope House, including incorporating several ecologically-conscious features. For example, the house uses charcoal zinc cladding and reflective exterior coatings on top of its concrete structure which act as a high-efficient envelope to keep the summer heat or the winter cold air OUT of the house.

As well, the dwelling's south-facing orientation and expansive windows maximize the amount of natural light that enters during the day. The house also boasts a green roof, a ground source heating system, as well as large concrete walls that creates thermal masses which keeps the house at an ideal temperature while being as efficient as possible. The high-efficiency outer shell of the home literally reflects the local climate; reflecting the humid summer heat, and the bone-chilling winter cold to keep the home's interior at an ideal and comfortable temperature. Also, being directly adjacent to Lake Ontario also presents strong wind gusts and snow squalls that are products of lake effects, making winter conditions even more frigid than they already are. In the summer months, the lake produces refreshing breezes on most days, making the landscape around the home ideal for summer rest and relaxation, but the humidity sometimes creates a moist heat that pushes one either into the pool, or into the house.



Port Hope House facing South. View standing from the North East corner of the house. 


The Port Hope House was strategically positioned to maximize several natural conditions on its one-acre lot, which include a vast fallow field; an abandoned rail cut; and a thunderous lake embankment which all led to the contemporary form and function of the home. 

Site section showcasing property size compared to the space the house consumes.


The architects also ensured that the Port Hope House is connected to nature as much as possible with the use of its balconies, a courtyard, a thermal bath, and of course, its green roof. Most of these spaces are social and recreational so that the homeowners can enjoy the dynamic landscapes of their property.

The best part? This home also overlooks Lake Ontario from the top of a 75-foot cliff. Imagine the serene lake views!


Port Hope House South Facade. Cliff is behind the photographer. 


Teeple's Port Hope House WON the 2015 Ontario Association of Architects Award with an Honorable Mention! This house is the real world example on which my architectural fantasies are built upon (no pun intended) when it comes to design and innovation! As an undergraduate architecture student, not only do I epitomize this house in my own home inspiration repertoire, but I also find Teeple's firm identity as a whole very interesting and exciting to me due to the fact that they can consistently reflect their innovative style into so many forms and genres of architecture! 

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Photos courtesy of Teeple Architects and Scott Norsworthy (Arch Daily)

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Written and researched by Andrew Cara; Architecture Design, History, Theory, and Criticism Undergraduate Student at the University of Toronto John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design.

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