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Buildings generate up to 35% of all greenhouse gases in Canada. Making buildings greener is the goal of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, also known as LEED. They provide a rating system in over 150 countries that is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green building design. LEED’s rating system consists of categories such as: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environment quality. Using these categories, there are four possible levels of certification (certified, silver, gold, and platinum). LEED certification is always done by a third party, this ensures no bias in the verification process.

Meet Recollective Consulting. This Vancouver based consulting firm has successfully completed over 50 LEED certifications and are currently consulting on over 100 active LEED projects.





Shown above, Vancouver House is striving for LEED platinum certification. When completed, it will be one of the most technologically advanced high-rise residential buildings in the world. This 52 story residential tower starts of as a triangle, but as the building rises it slowly transforms into a square.





Some key design features of this building include:
-Heat Recovery Ventilation
-Low Temperature Hydronic Heating and Cooling
-Water Conservation Plumbing Fixtures
-Highly Efficient LED Lighting
-Occupancy Sensors
-Radiant Ceiling Heating & Cooling
-Triple Glazing





Shown above is Vancouver's Olympic village, one of the greenest communities in the world! As you might have guessed, the Olympic village was built in 2010 to house the athletes during the Winter Olympic Games, and is now a mixed-use community, with approximately 1,100 residential units, area parks, and a growing number of retail and service outlets. In keeping with Vancouver's greenest city targets, all buildings have achieved at least LEED - Gold certification. 





Some key design features of this development include:
-Green infrastructure: green roofs covering 50% of roof area in the village
-Parking/refueling for electric vehicles: 15% of all parking stalls
-Natural stormwater management: bioswales and natural wetlands
-LEED for Neighbourhood Developments (LEED-ND) Platinum certified, 2010
-Neighbourhood Energy Utility: 70% of heating energy derived from renewable source
-Housing diversity: 1,100 residential units including 250 affordable housing units and 100 modest market housing units





An interesting feature about LEED is that it is not just for large buildings or for owners with big budgets. Shown above is the Sorella Housing for Woman, one of the many LEED certified social housing project in the city of Vancouver. On Recollective's website, it mentions that "...applying LEED Gold to social housing is a significant challenge, especially considering issues of mental illness, homelessness, addiction, and the epidemic of bed bugs. Sustainability, livability, and cost become a delicate interplay that over the years we have come to understand how to balance." 

Some key design features of this building include:
- Landscaping to reduce conventional water use by 50 per cent.
- Sealed, independently ventilated suites to prevent tobacco smoke infiltration between suites.
- Low emitting adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings and carpets.
- Residents will have access to a sorting and storage area for recyclable materials.
- State-of-the-art HVAC-R systems.
- Certified as LEED gold.





I am very excited to see sustainability implemented into our homes and communities. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is on the onset of this green building trend and already has over 1800 buildings certified as LEED in Canada.

If you are interested in certifying a building with LEED, check out Recollective Consulting's webpage under services.

All photos courtesy of Recollective

Researched and Written by Brennan Guse, Environment and Sustainability Undergraduate, University of British Columbia

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