A Savary Island, BC Getaway By Besharat Friars Architects

When I think of Savary Island, my first thoughts are of Savary Island Pie Company. A healthy slice of strawberry rhubarb later, I remember that I was waxing poetic and start thinking about Savary Island again...

This time, the delightful Savary Island Getaway by Vancouver’s Besharat Friars Architects comes immediately to mind.





The 2,230 square feet cottage is an ideal family respite on the waterfront of Savary Island, B.C., amidst the rambling expanse of the Strait of Georgia.

My favourite aspect of this cottage is the compartmental aspect of its design. Like Lego pieces, the house is an intersection, as if two cottages have been blocked into one! 

These intersecting halves sequester quiet sleeping quarters separate from the cottage’s entertainment space.





The bold burgundy and cool minty-green of the exterior emphasizes the Lego motif, and establishes the home as a place of play, escapism, and foundation.

Besharat Friars Architects takes full advantage of their pitched ceiling! Indoors, the pitched roof is highlighted by bright wooden beams. Exposed beams take the forefront throughout the interior architecture of the home. 

Natural light ignites the beams through high, north-facing windows.





Exposed wood of the structural elements are emphasized in both the interior and exterior, drawing a connection between the home and the forest that immediately surrounds it.

In such a setting as a Pacific Northwest Island, you had better take some cues from nature, and the Savary Island Vacation Residence accomplishes that delightfully.

Visit Besharat Friars Architects to explore more of their impressive Eco-Regional Architecture + Interior Design work.


All photos courtesy of Besharat Friars Architects.


Researched and Written by Emily E.A. Stringer, Undergraduate of Sociology, and Geography: Environment & Sustainability, at the University of British Columbia.

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