Scott & Scott’s Winter Cabin in Whistler, BC

Settled ever so delicately on the snowbanks of Whistler BC, Scott and Scott designed a weekend retreat for a family of snowboarders. Mimicking the neighbouring chalets and cabins of the funky 1970’s, and built much smaller than most recent and larger developments, this mountainside cabin is a product of methodical study and awareness of the surrounding environment.





The structure's gothic-inspired and sharp A-frame is constructed from local douglas fir, and held in place by the concrete base built into the bedrock. The exterior is clad in red cedar, used purposely to withstand weather, and blend into the surrounding stone. Even the interior cabinetry was built on site by carpenters, using construction-grade plywood, and marble from the Hisnet Inlet quarry on Vancouver Island.





The lumber frame was arranged using a woodworking technique called a lapped joint, which was reversed to allow for window dormers in the kitchen, stairs, and bunkroom.





The form of the structure can be seen and felt throughout most of the interior, making for a unique, and rather idiosyncratic space. Though the property presents itself as a cabin, Scott and Scott have still managed to strike a beautifully delicate balance between the traditional, wooden cabin atmosphere, and a sharp streak of modern design and style.









As expected, the best seat in the house goes to the master bedroom, which looks out to the vast and expansive mountains of Whistler. 







One thing is for sure, the location of this cabin is priceless! In this house you would be in awe of the view from any window you glance out of. 

Visit Scott and Scott to view their impressive body of work.

Photographs provided by Scott and Scott.


Researched and Written by Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman, Undergraduate Environmental Design, OCAD University

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