The Bolton Residence by Montreal Firm Naturehumaine Mirrors The Striking Landscape of Quebec



Montreal Quebec, deemed Canada's design hub by UNESCO, is not only a Mecca for art and design but it houses one of the best architecture and design firms - Naturehumaine. Naturehumaine creates built environments that are in perfect symbiosis with their surroundings. In the case of the Bolton residence their partner is the multifaceted natural landscape of the eastern townships of Quebec and its sweeping mountainous views.





Perched perfectly at the top of a steep rocky slope overlooking Mont Orford, the Bolton residence mimics its surroundings through the use of sharp lines, varied textures, and a multimedia facade that pays homage to materials found naturally alongside it - such as rocks and trees. Its gorgeous offset stories evoke whimsy as the dark structure appears to float above the icy slope.





However, this floating residence is grounded firmly into slope via design that offers us a sense of weight and strength through the addition of concrete, cladding, and material blocking. Its weight is further enforced with the addition of a gorgeous black finish which I can only imagine is dissolved into the rugged mountainous landscape and rural darkness at night - further heightening the mysterious effect.





Throughout the home the rolling mountain scape of Quebec is highlighted by expansive wall encompassing windows and stunning architectural angles and materials such as wood and stone. The skylights in the ceiling coupled with the angles create stunning shadows and texture, which are reflected against a muted tonal palette and the highlighted perfectly by minimalist interior design with a focus on balance and negative space.





There is no question that the landscape is inspiration to the Bolton Residence - The striking details of the residence make it one of the ultimate examples of architectural symbiosis and drives home the firms philosophy that “architecture forms the framework that carefully balances the ecosystem […]”, and their seemingly effortless ability to create stunning built environments.


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Photographs reproduced courtesy of Adrien Williams 


Researched and written by Amanda Salmon, a Bachelor of Fine Art Graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design.

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