The Butterfly In Vancouver By Revery Architecture

"If architecture is done well, it is ART. If architecture is not done well, then, it's just a building".
-Ian Gillespie, Founder Westbank Corp.

These words are dedicated to today's featured project The Butterfly, by Revery Architecture (formerly known as Bing Thom Architects). Although it took six years to design and plan The Butterfly, it will be well worth the wait once it's completed, as it takes patience to create a masterpiece. 





The Butterfly is truly an artistic high-rise building that was originally designed by the late architect Bing Thom (before he passed away in 2016), in collaboration with Revery Architecture's current Design Principle, Venelin Kokalov.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Vancouver, BC, this condominium will the third tallest building at 57-storeys high and will contain 331 condominium units that will feature rounded balconies with near 180˚ views of the surrounding city. The objective is to maximize the spectacular vistas for each residence.

Just like the different stages a caterpillar undergoes to become a majestic butterfly, this project also saw many changes as it was initially inspired by the smooth lines of a church organ, as the building will be adjacent to the First Baptist Church. But eventually, the design team wanted this building to be as closely connected to nature, and thus the idea of the elegant Butterfly came to life!

What Bing and his team were able to design will become a highlight to Vancouver's downtown, an innovative and modern city that boasts some of the world's best views and natural landscapes. 





The Butterfly will have curved smooth lines throughout its interior (which the designers aspired to resemble clouds), while open-concept spaces will allow for optimal sunlight during the day and an amazing view of the city at night. The Butterfly will also include a planted tree on every third floor adding to what will be an interior garden-inspired look.

Inside each unit, the dining table will connect to the kitchen counter as one fluid piece of furniture that seems to float off the ground.

...And I'm drooling with envy as marble and gold trim will become a staple feature of each bathroom. When can I move in? What, not until 2023? That's sadly the case, because this project is just beginning construction, and currently has a huge hole in the ground to begin solidifying its foundation.





Each condo will be filled with glass panels and semi-transparent curtains to allow for the maximum amount of light to enter. As shadows tilt and move, the interior space will look different throughout the day. Each unit will also feature white floors, ceilings, and glass walls for a breezy and refreshing zen-like home.





The main lobby will boast a breathtaking curved and rippled archway that perfectly captures the light and your attention. The minimalist style of furnishing with its unique dips and curves will also be a special feature of the entryway. What stands out the most is the Butterfly piano that echoes the same signature ripples and folds throughout the space.





The Butterfly is certainly a feat of outstanding architecture which will easily become a defining aspect of the Vancouver skyline. Both inside and out, the high rise will be sumptuous, luxurious and a feast for the senses.  

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All photos and images are courtesy from both Westbank Corporation by Marko Radovic and Revery Architecture.


Researched and written by photojournalist Samantha Wu.

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