The Garden House by LGA Architectural Partners

The Garden House in Toronto is a dynamic, nature inspired home!

Designed in 2013 by LGA Architectural Partners, the Garden House’s small, geometric cube-like shape sets it apart from the more traditional houses it surrounds.

I like how the horizontal wood boards running across the façade of the house use a natural material palette. 


Images by Ben Rahn / A:Frame

Image by Ben Rahn / A-Frame


The two large square windows on the façade offer a dynamic transparency, as they allow for a visual exchange between the interior of the home and the street.

The interior is flooded with natural light, creating an ethereal spirit elevated by the use of the pristine white walls and warm wood accents.

I find it magical.


Image by Ben Rahn / A-Frame

Image by Ben Rahn / A-frame

The open concept space plan elevates the flow between each dedicated zone.

The use of wood throughout each level of the dwelling (including the stairs, cabinetry and home furnishings), creates visual design continuity. 

I like the contrast it provides against the concrete floors.


Image by Ben Rahn / A-Frame

Image by Ben Rahn / A-Frame


Although this property is very much urban, the use of natural materials brings a warmth and coziness more akin to a Canadian cabin!

Isn't this an amazing city refuge?

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Researched and Written by Gorana Tolja, Graduate of the Ryerson School of Interior Design & a MA Student at OCAD University in the Contemporary Art, Design and New Media Art Histories program, focusing on contemporary design history.

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