The House in Frogs Hollow, Ontario by Williamson Chong Architects

Get ready to fall in love with The House in Frogs Hollow, created by Williamson Chong Architects. Located in Grey Highlands, Ontario, this property is carved in the side of a long slope of the Niagara Escarpment overlooking Georgian Bay.

This project was conceived as a resting place where the homeowners could do all the activities they love in their own playground. Sitting on 100 acres of land, they have plenty of room to run wild.





It sits on top of eroded clay hills in a dense field of grass, which might not sound the most luxurious, but for avid cyclists and sport junkies - who have made their own biking trails around the property - this location is perfect!





The structure is made of concrete and plywood materials, giving it a roughness that mimics its surroundings. The concrete wall provides protection from the wind, and during the summer, it provides lots of shade and cool air.





The entrance is located at the west end of the concrete wall - opposite from all the windows, where the structure is carved out of the landscape.

The first floor features a kitchen, office, bike workshop, storage room, and mechanical room. The second floor offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a family room, wrapped by the customized plywood siding on the exterior of the house - it was designed to track the sun as it moves around the house for the shadows and shade that it creates.

The 2,000 sq. ft. home has a large open space that allows you to enjoy the view on all sides.





The first and second floors are connected by a uniquely designed staircase enclosure, carved from birch plywood, that's surrounded by glass on all three sides.





The home’s connection to the environment is seen through its landscape, materials and construction. This home is heated by radiant floor loops which evenly distribute heat throughout an entire room. There is also no mechanical cooling - the staircase and operable windows provide cool airflow and ventilation. Natural materials and colour schemes were strategically used throughout the house to blend with the landscape of the property, and to reinforce its environmental footprint.

The House in Frogs Hollow received many awards including a Design Exchange Award in 2010 for residential architecture; a 2010 OAA Design Excellence Award for the innovative skills of Williamson Chong Architects, a Wood WORKS! Award in 2011 for their innovative wood design, and a North American Wood Design Award in 2011 in recognition of their successful wood architecture.





Williamson Chong Architects created a beautiful retreat for the homeowners' cycling expeditions. This home is truly an ideal place where the couple can relax on their downtime, and then dig into their toys - i.e. their bikes - and refurbish them throughout the colder months of the year.

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All photos courtesy of Williamson Chong Architects and Architourist; Photographer Bob Gundu.


Researched and Written by Stephanie Tsapoitis, Bachelor of Interior Design at Sheridan College

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