The Moos Vessel By Tampold Architects In Toronto

Architecture is an art. And like any art, it has its own mediums and materials, some functional, while others are decorative. Among everything else that it is, design is really a 'habitable sculpture' and should be treated as nothing less than a work of art. Maybe I’m biased, but far too often I see nothing but barren walls and boxes of a space, devoid of any artistry or creativity. 

Luckily, there are gems like this one, in Toronto, Ontario by Tampold Architects.




Seeing the Moos Home was a nice, refreshing project that breaks that mold. Not shying away from riding its wave of creative inspiration, the home is a unique gem of architecture by a true artist. Conceived by Thomas Tampold of Tampold Architects, the home is composed of a series of geometric elements, beautifully intertwined with one another.

Complementing the home's façade is a carefully arranged circular garden of various shrubs and flowers, centred by a young tree. Almost reminiscent of a mandala, the front garden is encompassed by circles of stone and pebbles.




As the frontispiece of any home, the front entrance is often overlooked by most architects, but not this time.

The face of the entrance is a vibrant mosaic designed by Evi Tampold which catches the eye, and pops boldly off the neutral-toned walls of light grey.





One of the prominent features of the home’s geometry is a space clad with a corrugated metal veneer, in the shape of the bow of a ship. The inspiration for the form was an idea that originally came from the client, who suggested the kitchen to be in the shape of an eye, with the curved counters being the iris. The corner extends outwards to the backyard, where it meets a multi-leveled deck, including patio space, a flower bed, and even a small tree carefully framed in the wooden siding of the patio.





This space is in a delicate balance of colours and materials; the white corrugated metal contrasts the rich brown Estonian wood, and even repeats the light/dark pattern alongside the interior of the lot fence. Arranged with an accent of greenery, the layout shows an excellent understanding of composition and colour.





The interior presents a two-storey symphony of elegance and simplicity. This rich design is consistent throughout the home with an avid attention to detail both small and large, including a curved kitchen counter right at the front of ‘the ship’, referencing the shape of the lovely Moos vessel.




Tampold Architects have created a beautiful habitable sculpture, that should serve as an example of how imaginative and inspired a home design can be.


You can check out the Tampold Architects portfolio for their impressive body of work.

Photography courtesy of Larry Arnal.


Researched and Written by Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman, Undergraduate Environmental Design, OCAD University.

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