The Semblance House Proposal By The Office Of Adrian Phiffer

Any fan of architecture can advocate that proposals are just as exciting as a finished project as they hold the potential of a breathtaking new approach to the ever so complex and growing entity that is domesticity. In that spirit, our focus today is on a project proposal for the Semblance House in Toronto, from the Office of Adrian Phiffer.

Heading the architecture practice of the Office of Adrian Phiffer is the Romanian born, University of Toronto alumni and professor, Adrian Phiffer

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a talk Phiffer gave at the University of Toronto in the winter semester of 2019 where I was in awe of his ideologies and approach to design. 





The home also celebrates the art of minimalism and simplicity. Proposed to be 200 square meters, Semblance House is described on Phiffer's website as "[...] a simple concrete shell. Nothing more. Nothing less".





The perimeter is pushed and pulled in multiple locations, and although the house would have a completely different look from its neighbours with its facade’s materiality and general shape, it takes elements from its surroundings, such as its size and floor count. 





My favourite aspect of the home is how they planned the interior spaces, such as the different shaped and sized rooms. For instance, Phiffer designed the interior so that the number of rooms decreases as you reach the top floor, where you would find an open-concept living space, while the basement includes a series of rooms, almost like a labyrinth!




This proposal is an exciting one, and although the status of this project is still on hold, as Phiffer shares on his website "...[The Semblance House] is done for the sake of conversation. It is about a conversation with a context: the mid-town urban fabric". Well, we sure are talking about it and crossing our fingers it gets built!

If you want to learn more about the Semblance House or the talented Adrian Phiffer, visit the Office of Adrian Phiffer


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All photos courtesy of the Office of Adrian Phiffer.


Researched and written by Guhar Ullah, Specializing in Architecture at the University of Toronto's John H Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design.

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