The Sk’wa Kansgad Naay By Danny Robertson & YABO Engineering In Haida Gwaii, BC



Located on the archipelago of Haida Gwaii BC, the Sk'wa Kansgad Naay (Highwater House) - designed by Danny Robertson and built by Yabo Engineering - sits among the trees of Naikoon Provincial Park. Perched between the mossy forest and the sandy beach of the Pacific Ocean, the Sk'wa Kansgad Naay guest house offers an enchanting escape to nature. Built to resemble a tree house, the dwelling's elevated position ensures panoramic views of this spectacular natural environment.





A vaulted Great Room showcases a curving wood staircase, rustic beams and expansive wood-framed glazing. The abundance of wood grounds the shelter within its natural environment, while framing the magical ocean and forest vistas of Haida Gwaii.





I especially like the circular windows which nod to the nautical, while the expansive walls of windows provide views of both the Sangan River and the Pacific Ocean and, on clear days, even Alaska. In the corner,a quaint fireplace offers both utility and comfort, especially when storms lash this remote locale.





Embracing its setting, a deep claw foot tub in a cedar-wrapped washroom with oversized window embraces its rainforest setting. An indulgent respite, what could be better than a hot soak after a day surfing the waves?





Sk'wa Kansgad Naay is the ultimate nature lovers sojourn. Offering seclusion, tranquility and breathtaking vistas of Haida Gwaii, this elemental shelter embraces the sublime natural beauty of beautiful British Columbia with warmth, repose and charm.

Curious to see more? Be sure to check out the  Sk'wa Kansgad Naay’s website.


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Photographs reproduced courtesy of Jack Litrell


Researched and written by Amanda Salmon, a Bachelor of Fine Art Graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design.

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