UP House By Toronto’s Incite Design

Building a house is never easy, let alone designing one. However, Toronto's Incite Design helped one client make the process effortless.

Incite Design is an architecture firm that helps clients realize, plan, and build their dream homes. Jeffrey Veffer, one of the partners and co-founders of Incite Design, says that his firm helps clients understand beyond the specific materials or finishes how the building will work for them not only this year but for many to come.

Veffer knows what it's like to go through home renovations and how uncertain, stressful, and hard they can be. As a result, he created the Incite Method which helps clients go from an initial idea to the project's completion. They follow a step-by-step approach that includes the client and which produces the desired results. It's important that the client is included in every step of the building process, so they get the residence they want and understand how the home will work for them. They are the ones that have to live there after all and not the architects. It's important that the dream house is the actual dream house that the clients envisioned. 





Recently, some clients approached Veffer with an idea.

"They loved the location of their house, but found they wanted to improve the basics of the 1960's bungalow that was constructed for a different way of living," says Veffer. Veffer helped the clients understand how they complete their daily tasks, such as cooking, shopping, and entertainment and then translated it into an architectural form that would suit them. Thus, UP House was designed. The inspiration for UP House grew from a desire for space, for example, the plan included a dining room that could fit 14 people. 





As seen above, the 2,900-square-foot home takes the idea of modernism to a new level. The home is functional and efficient, with French doors added on each side of  the main floor to help air flow during warm weather. No need to dread those hot muggy summer days anymore... Ahh breathe!





As mentioned, the home is all about space: space for parties, space for children, and space for living large or small! The clients have been able to have 150 people in the home without any problems.  

The U-shaped kitchen can fit 20 people, while the living area has a stylish fireplace and entertainment system and loads more space for additional guests!





Other than gorgeous private bedrooms on the upper level, the home also boasts other amenities such as a game room, a gym, and a home theater which are located are on the lower level. This means that you can play games, cook a feast, entertain, run a marathon, and watch a show all from the comfort of your home.






This residence is just an example among many of what’s possible with Incite Design. If you can dream it, Incite Design can help you design it. 

This post was researched and paraphrased from Incite Design's UP House webpage.

To learn more about their brilliant designs, visit Incite Design


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All photos are courtesy of Incite Designs


Researched and written by Liam Harrap, a master's student in Journalism at Carleton University

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