Urban Capital Property Group Reformulates Living³ in Toronto

In a day and age where housing costs are skyrocketing and space is severely lacking in major cities, compact is the name of the game. In a first-world culture of “bigger is better”, can less really be more?


Photo courtesy of River City Toronto


“A pure vision of liberated design” - Lisa Rochon. Photo courtesy of River City Toronto


At times, the most creative ideas are borne of necessity and restriction. Toronto developer Urban Capital is well aware of this fact, and has been teaming up with innovative designers to maximize space in residential spaces, most notably with the 2 million-hit, international TEDtalk sensation Graham Hill. In his TEDtalk, Hill makes the case that “less stuff equates to more happiness”. He stresses the effect that simplification can have on a person’s life, and the decrease in anxiety that often follows.


“One of the most artistically exciting high-rises constructed in Toronto since the onset of the condo boom”  - John Bentley Mays. Photo courtesy of River City Toronto


In 2014's River City Condos Phase 3, or RC3, Hill cleverly incorporates the use of a cube-within-a-cube design to do more with less. These cube units, placed in the center of the studio apartment, act as a central bedroom cube which delineate the room, thus creating a break in the space. As a result, Hill is able to place multiple workspaces in the same apartment without running the risk of overcrowding the space. The result is a beautiful, sleek design that is sure to get people talking.


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A more evolved iteration of this concept is Urban Capital’s Cubitat. Featured at the 2015 Interior Design Show in Toronto, their “plug-and-play” concept cube is a far cry from a typical apartment. The cube impressively houses a kitchen, bedroom, entertaining area, bathroom, laundry, and storage space. The Rubik’s cube-like concept model brings together architecture, interior design, and product design as it centralizes all the necessary elements of a living space.


Photo courtesy of Gizmag


Can pre-fab successfully be marketed as the “new classic”? Only time will tell. But as for me, I’m sold.

How do you feel about Urban Capital's impressive body of work, or minimalistic living in general? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!


Researched and Written by Charmaine Cheng, Architectural Technology, Centennial College

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