UUFie’s Lake Cottage In Bolsover, Ontario

UUfie's Lake Cottage, located in Bolsover, Ontario, is a great example of conceptual architecture. The cottage is the reincarnation of a sprawling lake house, but with just 65 square metres of floor space on a footprint of 55.8 square metres, the building is - if not petit - then at least modest.





Dedicated to its surrounding wilderness, UUfie used a tree house concept to design the cottage. The architects used blackened charred cedar for the exterior cladding, which offers a subtle contrast with the interior pine in colour, and in texture as well. Although minimal, the interior spaces are filled with charm as they focus on the surrounding trees and natural landscape. 




The material pallet draws on traditional cottage construction, but with a minimalist aesthetic, which further lends itself to the idea of a forest existing within the building. This concept is reinforced by the mirrors underneath the cantilever, as it reflects the landscape - and the 'treescape entry court' - giving the allusion of going into the woods when entering the house.





In a playful metaphor, the architects wanted to make the loft feel as though we were climbing up into the canopy of the forest, and so constructed the staircase from a tree trunk., while the interior of the roof is lined with rounded shingles, which resembles the leaves of a tree.





Downstairs, the floor to ceiling windows are framed with mullions abstracted to look like a forest. A bold move, indeed, but UUfie successfully made it work in keeping with the simplicity of the interior. 





Suitably, the largest detail of the interior is the wood stove, a centerpiece of Canadian winter living. Inset into the wall and mimicking the A-frame roof line, the stacked firewood and metal surround create a play in contrast, giving focus to the room.  The asymmetry and texture of this detail help to elevate this minimalist interior.





Do you wish you owned a cottage a jaw-droppingly clever and modern as this? I sure do! If this brilliant design caught your attention, visit UUfie to learn more about their brilliant projects and view their portfolio.

Photos courtesy of Naho Kubota via Flodeau and Designbloom


Written and researched by Robin Vindum Whitteker, recent graduate from the Environmental Design program at OCAD University

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