Vancouver’s Pink House By Scott Posno Design

The Pink House - in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC - is a 3,000 square-foot wooden house designed for a family of four by Scott Posno Design.

The house is clad in cedar strips that mirror the wooden siding of the neighbouring homes.

However, the cedar is stained black, making its facade instantly striking and distinct.




There seems to be a desire for contrast on the exterior of the home.

The wooden slats lie horizontally on the exterior of the ground floor, and vertically on the cantilevered upper floor.

The entrance is recessed even further under the upper level and features traditionally coloured wooden panels on the ceiling.

I think these choices draw attention to the uniqueness of the building's cladding.





Once you cross the dwelling's threshold, the strong, dark colour palette gives way to soft, immaculate lightness (contrast in play once again).

The interior features white walls, oak floors, and matching finishing on the majority of the woodwork.

This neutral palette serves as a backdrop that enables certain splashes of colour to really stand out and make a bold statement.





An open floor plan amplifies the sense of space on the ground floor.

This floor hosts the kitchen, dining room, family areas, and a living room with a grand three-sided fireplace on the separating wall.

Large windows allow natural daylight in, adding to the airiness.





The residence has a lower level that features a recreation area, storage and mechanical spaces, as well as its own suite.

This level is connected to the rest of the building by a staircase with a glass balustrade positioned under a skylight.

The sunlight filters into the house through the open risers of the staircase.





The landing leads to four bedrooms.  One of these is the master bedroom with its ensuite bathroom. 

As well, all the rooms have windows and frame views of the lush West Coast deciduous vegetation that has matured around the house.

The refreshing greenery can also be appreciated from a generous back deck accessible from the main level.





I like the Pink House alot. I suspect it reflects its owners; bold and confident on the outside, calm and soft-spoken on the inside. 

It invites you in and then woos you with its internal warmth.

Scott Posno has put together something wonderful for this family as it caters to their needs and has a little fun in the process.




I encourage you to check out more work from Scott Posno.

The building was photographed by the amazing Silent Sama Jim Canzian.

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Researched and Written by Yinoluwa Olowofoyeku, Undergraduate Student of Architectural Design at the University of Toronto

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