Vancouver’s W38th Residence By Arno Matis Architecture And RUFproject

This W38th Residence is a visually arresting 3-level family house in Vancouver, British Columbia. The impressive 370 square metre home was initially designed by Arno Matis Architecture. RUFproject came on board during development to add their touch to some components of the dwelling.





The exterior is instantly eye-catching. The envelope is a unique concrete mix that was developed exclusively for this project. There is an abundance of glazing that bathes the interior with light. The windows and sliding doors are framed in dark African mahogany. This creates interesting visual contrast against the whiteness of the concrete and revealed interiors. To provide privacy and solar shading to some of the aforementioned glazing, the structure also boasts an immaculate lattice of exterior slats made of Sapele wood.





The interior is immaculately finished. The open bright layout is elevated by white marble finishes, white walls and soaring ceilings. The ground floor is a series of articulated spaces which flow into one another yet remain individually defined. Steps and differed floor heights allow each room to feel distinct from the next. This level contains the living and family rooms, garage and storage spaces, and a dreamy kitchen with dining space.





The lower floor houses guest and utility spaces as well as an office. The upper level plays host to sleeping quarters, including a master suite with its own sitting area, and a sexy fireplace, along with a generous walk-in closet and luxe spa washroom. The whole level is treated to wonderful views.





One theme throughout this residence I applaud is the connection between the inside and out, which is perfect on the west coast, which has the most moderate climate in Canada.

Even the smallest design elements demonstrate the admirable levels of attention to detail the firms paid to the house. The residence is tied together by a minimalist suspended staircase of steel and hardwood. Luxurious materials and millwork are on display in every corner. The contemporary aesthetic is sprinkled with East-Asian influences that emerge in the shape of fittings and statues placed in the premises.





My favourite aspect of this home is the illusion for which it has been nicknamed “The Floating Residence”. The entire structure appears to be floating atop a large reflecting pool. The pool is situated in a lush garden and makes its way round to the back of the building. The marble decking amplifies the illusion.





Arno Matis Architecture and RUFproject have created something that tickles my eye and excites my mind. Everything about this residence screams style and quality. It is a masterclass in detailing and it isn't afraid to have a bit of fun as well.



I encourage you to check out more work from both Arno Matis Architecture and RUFproject.

The building was spectacularly photographed by John Sinal.


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Researched and Written by Yinoluwa Olowofoyeku, Undergraduate Student of Architectural Design at the University of Toronto

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