Villas and Vineyards In British Columbia

Do you ever dream of living in a shore side villa?

We do - frequently, in fact.

How about a shore side villa next to 40 acres of working vineyard?

You can find that kind of magic at Greata Ranch in Okanagan Valley.

The Okanagan Valley is widely known for it's dry and sunny climate. It sits peacefully on Okanagan Lake in south east British Columbia. The Greata Ranch is located 25 minutes from Kelowna, which is the region's largest urban centre. 

These are the kinds of villas that make die hard urbanites want to pack up and head to the country side.



Reno C. Negrin Architects and CHIL Design group (both a part of B+H Architects) collaborated to bring some modern flair to rural living.

Wood, glass, stone and metal come together beautifully on each building’s facade.

The views here are stunning. Rocky cliffs, a glistening lake, expansive forests and a vineyard elevate the view from beautiful to magical.



The interior is a warm mix of wood and stone. The dining room is placed directly adjacent to the patio entrance with a view to the lake and the vineyard.

Can you envision celebrating with a feast here?

The sleek and modern kitchen is equipped with extensive wine storage and a wine chiller.

Yes, these are essential when you live next to a vineyard! 



The bathroom is another fusion of wood and stone.

O la la! A visually-arresting spa!



Photography courtesy of the B+H project gallery with thanks.


If these villas aren't your cup of tea, the ranch also houses a large assortment of single family homes, townhouses and condominiums. 

With the region's warm climate, the lake's natural beauty and these villas' stunning designs, Greata Ranch is the ultimate Zoomer Retirement destination.

Is this your kind of luxury?

Let us know in the the comment section!

You can find the Greata Ranch website by clicking HERE.

You can find the B+H website by clicking HERE.


Researched and written by Zoe Maurice, student of Interior Design at Toronto's Ryerson University

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