Winnipeg’s Centre Village By 5468796 Architecture

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Centre Village - designed by 5468796 Architecture - is unparalleled to any previous residential development. 

This housing cooperative serves underprivileged families by revitalizing an inner-city neighborhood and building a community that inspires and uplifts one another. 

Initially, the L-shaped lot was zoned for six housing units but was then altered to accommodate a micro-village that contains 25-residences.





Each housing unit resembles block-like masses. They are unique in composition due to the cluster of arrangement with a touch of playfulness. 

Designed to make the most of the space, Centre Village was recognized and awarded for the 2013 Architizer A+ Awards, 2012 WAN Awards: Residential, and 2011 World Architecture Festival Award!

Isn't that amazing?





Built in 2010, Centre Village contains public spaces, like a unified courtyard, that join the housing cooperative to the city. These public spaces provide a safe space for children to play and for neighbors to socialize. 

Each unit is constructed by condensed 8' x 12' modules and cantilevered 14’ x 12’ modules, which serves as an expansion of the living and master rooms.

All upper units have a rooftop patio. The second-storey units are accessible by exterior staircases that also lead towards the courtyard.





Typically each unit has eight or more windows to ensure proper ventilation. These windows also help increase natural daylight. 





The asymmetrical arrangement of windows, in conjunction with the use of orange cowlings, is similar to Los Angeles' condominium development Habitat 15 by Predock Frane Architects.





Centre Village strengthens the idea that spaces with less square footage can be abundant, functional, and pleasant when designed with detail. I believe that less means more in this case! This innovative aspect of urban architecture would highly benefit Toronto’s high-dense condominium community. By living ‘smaller’ and condensing consumer waste, dwellers will use less energy, and as a result, save money. Centre Village is a great example of sustainable living.

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Photos courtesy of James Brittain Photography.


Researched and written by Narmeen Gorail, Undergraduate student of Environmental Design, OCAD University.

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