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Is your living room a quiet, neutral colour? Do you prefer bashful pastels in your kitchen? If the answer to either question is 'Yes', you're not alone!

A recent country-wide survey of 1,500 consumers by CIL Paint reveals that Canadians tend to prefer neutral and pastel colours on their walls as opposed to brighter, more vibrant colours. Reporting on the survey, summarizes that fifty one per cent of respondents prefer a palette of white, beige and gray to serve as the backdrop for daily life. Alternatively, 36 per cent had a preference for pastel shades of yellow, blue, or green.



Ontarians seem to be split on the issue. While 47 per cent like neutrals, pastels were a close second at 40 per cent. And those mysterious few who prefer a richer palette? Quebec, as well as the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan were the provinces most in favour of painting in vibrant colours.

Alison Goldman, brand manager for CIL, was only partly surprised: “It’s no secret that in spite of more saturated colours trending in home decor, people still prefer to play it safe with neutrals,” she explained. “What was most eye-opening about this study, however, is the growth in acceptance of pastel tones as a beautiful choice for home decor.”



In fact, soft colours are trending for Spring and Summer, broken up by darker accents and feature walls.

Don't worry, Canadians need not think of themselves as boring! Neutrals and pastels are known to have a calming effect - who wouldn't want their home to feel like a placid sanctuary? But if you are looking to inject a bit more passion into your home decor without repainting your kitchen a fiery orange or your living room an electric blue, Goldman gives this advice: "To spruce up light-coloured walls, she suggested painting darker or lighter versions of the main wall colour on baseboards, trim, windowsills, ceilings and doors. As well, using two or three different neutral or soft pastel colours in a room can give it a warm, refreshing lift, she said."

Personally, I'm partial to neutrals wall colours - like a fresh, clean white - but like to add vibrant pops of richer colour through furnishings like pillows or artwork. I find this strategy allows for me to switch up my colour choices on a whim, while never having to repaint the walls!



No matter what your colour choices are, make sure that they feel right to you and enhance your daily life - don't let the 'newest' or 'on trend' colours compromise what makes you feel good!


~ Steven Fudge, the purveyor of and proprietor of, a division of Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage.

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