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Despite the challenges faced by many Canadian business owners in 2020, for creative millennials, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. In fact, many are taking the risk of launching their companies since Canada first went into lockdown in March 2020.

Take, for example, designer Jude Kamal who founded her boutique firm Sansa Interiors in Toronto in April 2020. Kamal, an ARIDO (Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario) member decided it was time to open her own studio after working for other firms for seven years. Before taking the leap with Sansa Interiors, Kamal’s primary focus as a designer was on commercial projects for retail spaces. With Sansa Interiors, this ambitious young designer has translated her innovation and architectural knowledge to design unique and warm residential spaces.

Using a holistic approach, Kamal and her team actively collaborate closely with their clients to thoroughly understand the space. They also take the time to understand the client’s aesthetic goals, whether they be sophisticated or whimsical. Sansa Interiors fuses the personal style of its clients with fresh and modern design. 

Although she is relatively a “new kid on the block,” Kamal and her firm are impressing clients all over the Greater Toronto Area. 

Here are some of her impressive designs:



Photo courtesy of Sansa Interiors 



Kamal and her team know the definition of creating a modern, yet cozy space. The decor of the living room (seen above) creates an intimate and inviting atmosphere. The textures and coloured accents create a balance for the room which would otherwise be dominated by the large fireplace. 

According to their website, a favourite colour scheme of this young firm is the classic pairing of black and white. Warmth is injected into the designs by incorporating accents and finishes in a natural sand and stone palette. This clean, modern, and balanced aesthetic is clear from this striking dining area design pictured below.



Photo courtesy of Sansa Interiors



While Kamal and her firm enjoy a modern neutral palette, pastel and vibrant colours are also used effectively in their spaces as seen in this cheerful home office pictured below.



Photo credit: Bruno Belli courtesy of Sansa Interiors



Whether for a small Toronto condo or a large suburban house in Mississauga, Sansa Interiors strives to make a stylish, bold impact. Projects of all scales are taken on by this new firm.

Pictured here is a rendering of an upcoming exterior facelift of a three-storey family home. Sansa Interiors’ signature black and white, plus splashes of warm brown, will serve as visual anchors to update this Edwardian dwelling. 



Photo courtesy of Sansa Interiors



While the above plans are ambitious, Kamal and her team demonstrate that even smaller, budget-friendly makeovers can have a huge impact. This washroom received a cosmetic makeover for $1000 and it's frankly—fabulous! 



Photo credit: Janet Kwan courtesy of Sansa Interiors



In true Millennial fashion, this firm has used social media, including YouTube, to showcase not only design sensibilities but the process of transformation. Check out this video chronicling the bathroom makeover!





Sansa Interiors is an exciting up-and-coming firm with immense talent and potential. Jude Kamal’s commitment to design and architecture is matched by her commitment to nurturing the talent of other young designers. Kamal has managed to grow her new firm to include a junior creative designer and an interior design intern. 

While their design style is BOLD, so is Sansa Interiors’ entrepreneurial efforts in 2020. Creating, collaborating, and thriving during one of Canada’s, and ultimately the world’s, most turbulent economy is inspiring. I know I’ll be paying attention to their upcoming projects! 


To learn more about their impressive and inspiring portfolio, visit Sansa Interiors.

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This story was researched and written by BRYNN BYRNE, a Toronto-based writer and podcaster with a passion for BIG cities and tiny homes.


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