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Founded in 2010 by industrial designers Jeremy Couture and Claudia Despres, and based in Quebec City, Six Point Un is a design studio that creates home furnishings and products inspired by our great Canadian landscape. Their objects employ simple geometry and solid materials - but not without a sense of play!



(At Right: Lawren Harris' Icebergs at Davis Straight)



In their Ice Cabinet, (see images above and below), the visual reference is hard to miss! Drawing inspiration from harsh Quebec winters, notice the faceted front door which wraps around a warm maple interior, extending past the cabinet’s edge to form a handle. While the overall form is quite minimal, subtle detailing - like a bevel around the top edge - adds just the right amount of functionality with a splash of "cool". The piece works well as a dry bar, but wouldn’t be out of place in a bedroom or entryway.





This versatility is evident in The Console too. Equally at home in a dining room or bedroom, it’s constructed in hefty solid walnut. While the reference to a landscape is far more subtle with this piece, when showcased alongside an inspiration image in Six Point Un’s online portfolio (and included below), you can begin to draw the connection.





Six Point Un is also one, among a large number of emerging designers showcased in EQ3’s Assembly Capsule collection, which hit stores on February 15th, after debuting at IDS (Interior Design Show) during Toronto’s Design Week.

Additionally, they won best in show for their MKSS Shelving system, pictured below, at Umbra’s Compact Living Exhibition. The pieces were intended to offer a storage solution for non-uniform spaces, and one which can adapt to current and future needs.



Above image c/o Umbra's blog



It seems that this sense of adaptability is a theme infused in Six Point Un’s work, along with an inspiration taken from the Canadian landscape. If you’re investing in quality pieces, it’s great to know that Six Point Un’s pieces will easily transition from one space to another as your collection evolves over the years. It begs the question though: is this sense of adaptability a value that is emerging at the core of Canadians approach to design? Only time will tell.

Checkout Six Point Un’s projects, and read about Umbra’s Compact Living show or shop EQ3’s Assembly Capsule collection before the pieces are gone!


All images courtesy of Six Point Un unless otherwise noted.


This article was written by Miranda Corcoran, a designer based in Toronto currently completing her BDes while studying Lighting Design at Ryerson University.

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