Lady Peel’s Old House Reinvented In Downtown Toronto

From the outside it is hard to tell the incredible changes that have occurred within this home found in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

This is the home of the historic Lady Peel, born Beatrice Lillie a celebrated actress of English Musical Comedy.

Rzlbd describes the influence of the heritage of this building on the design. “With respect for the actress who once lived there, the house inherits a talent: playing a new role while living in the same skin.”

From the street it is hard to believe the modernizing renovation that has occurred behind the façade.

Photograph courtesy of rzlbd

The open-concept spaces of this designs, work with the linearity of the dwelling. 

The reduction of obstructions keeps all of the space useful, allowing for spatial and visual continuity throughout the home.

This sleek, efficient design gives a new life to this century-old residence.

Photograph courtesy of rzlbd


Natural lighting and the contemporary white design brightens this Victorian home.

The exposed brick is preserved in order maintain a connection with its past. 

The combination of the brick, white walls and figured wood flooring creates an interesting dynamic in the residence.

The staircase now creates a connection between the floors of the home, instead of creating a barrier dividing the narrow space.

Glassed in, it keeps the stairs bright - and no longer a dingy passageway.

Photograph courtesy of rzlbd

The renovation of this Victorian dwelling shows that historical homes can be updated into bright, modern spaces.

How fantastic that an old space can being granted a new lease on life!


Designed by Reza Aliabadi [rzlbd] (Click Here to see other designs by rzlbd)

Researched and Written by Sarah Coates, Masters Student of History, University of Toronto

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