Mason Studio’s Cabin Condominium in Toronto, Ontario

As summer comes to an end, city dwellers are reluctantly forced to leave their cottages and lake houses and return to the density of their urban lifestyles...But what if there was a way to keep some of that rural feeling all year long, even in the very core of the city? Intertwining contemporary architectural features with a combination of rural elements, Mason Studio was able to develop a cabin-style interior for a condominium design set in the heart of the busy streets of Toronto on Dovercourt Road 1





The architect, Roland Rom Colthoff of Raw Design created a plan which consists of three levels stacked on top of one another. Each unit consists of two storeys and includes balconies and enough windows to flood the space with natural light2.



Rendering by Curated Properties



Mason Studio’s interior designs mirror Canadian culture through the selection of local materials, furniture, and artworks. Their focus was to create a country cottage atmosphere by using certain key design components. Such elements include local wood, grey textures and running water – which encourages the idea of renewable natural materials. If you look closely, the designers even added wood-like elements in the wall décor! The design is meant to touch upon typical cabin features, yet also promote a sense of city chic as well 3.





The wood covering the walls and ceilings provides a cozy cabin atmosphere surrounding certain spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom. The drawers are made from black leather straps, and the towel racks are wooden dowels. The kitchen appears very classy and intimate with lowered ceilings, leather cabinet handles and a grey marble backsplash. The designers also added an interesting contemporary touch with the choice of black cabinetry. 

Although the solid darkness contrasts the rural style of the wood, it also provides a refreshing addition of modernity. What an interesting way of tying together the elegance of the city and nature!





The remainder of the walls is left white, which not only creates more of a light and airy feeling but also maintains a neutral backdrop to the furniture and décor. Following a similar style from the kitchen walls, the living spaces showcase light wooden furniture. The lamp set above the table is made out of a darker metal, providing a rustic feeling, and complimenting the dark circular marble table below it. Doesn't it feel like you are dining in a luxurious cabin?





As an architectural student, I find it interesting and clever to combine such different design styles. Although the wood, marble and black laminate are rather contrasting in both colour and texture, given the message of the project and the particular location, the selections not only harmonize together but also complement each other in such a unique space. As well, the interior elements and varying levels of ceiling heights truly bring out the essence of a cottage home, yet also remain minimalist and neutral enough for a city dweller. 

Finally, a way to enjoy the Northern Ontario vernacular without leaving your suite!


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All Photos courtesy of: Scott Norsworthy





Researched and written by Karolina Pisanko, Double Major in Architectural Studies, University of Toronto

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