Old Versus New In Quebec

Architect Henri Cleinge was approached to renovate this 200 year old Quebec stone house, while also adding a contemporary addition to the site.


The original building was once owned by the Hudson Bay Company, but the owners hired Cleinge to reinvent the space as a new home for four generations of family into one cohesive space.


The concept behind the addition of the contemporary structure drew from a direct connection to the multi-generational programming of the home.

The new structure contrasts the old while simultaneously creating an open dialogue between the two. Built next to the old building, the conversation between the two volumes represents the passage of time.


The connection between the two spaces is highlighted through the spatial programming of the interior.

Each building contains a double height living room connected by the bridge linking the two together.



I love the use of aged materials on the exterior of the addition, while the interiors consist of natural finishes and a neutral palette.

And don't you love how Henri Cleigne juxtaposed the clean lines of the contemporary structure against the character of the original vernacular?

In their contrast harmony is created!

All Photos: Courtesy of Marc Cramer

Researched and Written by Spencer Robert Jeffries
Recent Graduate from Ryerson School of Interior Design

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