Ontario’s JB+DG Studios Celebrate The Canadian Wild

Based out of Hamilton, Ontario, JB+DG Studios is so much more than a design studio: it's a family affair!

This awesome husband and wife duo partnered up to make sweet sweet furniture together! The result? Incredible. They have a particular skill for staying in touch with the Canadian wild by designing furniture, decor, and home accessories that are 100% made from natural materials. Just take a look at their delightful Instagram page to fall in love with their products, and their adorable son!

Their approach to design portrays a team of passionate and true-hearted woodworkers, and as any woodworker knows, the journey always starts with the material.



JB+DG Studios work exclusively with local and sustainable sawmills ensuring their lumber is sourced from the familiar woods of Ontario. But besides being a socially responsible organization that practices sustainability, their sourcing also inherently tells the story of the richness of the Great Northern wilderness and the steady strength of its coniferous and deciduous inhabitants.

They prefer to polish the wood with clear/natural finishes rather than stain. The goal? Allow the wood to show its natural tones and colours without trying to improve its texture. JB+DG Studios know that the beauty is already there – it simply needs to be extracted and displayed.



One piece that caught my eye was the Palafitte collection: Featuring a coffee and a console table, the Palafitte collection is fully customizable and adjustable in size. 



Though minimal in form, the craft behind these beautiful pieces takes a lot of precise skill, calculation, and near-flawless execution.



One of the primary distinctions in quality is the type of cut lumber used. The typical North American black walnut lumber used by JB+DG Studios is riftsawn, ensuring the highest quality of wood. By slicing boards from the log perpendicular to the grain rings, the resulting lumber has grain in a tight, even pattern, meaning minimal warpage and maximum strength. The final product is then sanded and hand-finished with an oil-verethane mix, showing off the wood’s natural patterns and colours.

Now that's what I call artistic! 



Passionately committed to the honesty of their design, JB+DG Studios is a brand that celebrates and embraces heartfelt and traditional handcraft. Not to mention, you get to keep a little piece of the Great North in your own home!


To see more of their fantastic work, visit JB+DG Studios.

Photography courtesy of JB+DG Studios.


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Photos courtesy of JB+DG.

Researched and Written by Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman, Undergraduate Environmental Design, OCAD University

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