Parametric Beauty In Victoria, BC, By Studio Robazzo

Traditional designers take note: computers can do your job... with the help of brilliant humans, of course! To illustrate this idea, let's take a look at Studio Robazzo, which falls into the world of design agencies using algorithmic technologies to create one-of-a-kind products.  

Located in Victoria, BC, Studio Robazzo combines parametric design with computer-controlled fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting. In fact, they are the only folks on Vancouver Island who specialize in parametric design, which means using mathematical software to generate unique patterns and products. 





The founders, Christina Robev and Andrew Azzopardi (the "Rob" and the "Azzo" combine to form their company name) met at Waterloo’s Architecture School, moving to Victoria, BC, where they opened their studio. In case you're wondering "Why Victoria?", it's because Victoria is a cool, hip, artsy city with lots of inspiration - both by its cultural and its spectacular natural setting. 

Robazzo’s designs often work in harmony with nature, using natural materials and prioritizing sustainable practices. Channelling some of the earthy west coast vibes of their island surroundings, the Robazzo ethos can be seen in their famous West Coasters. The salvaged driftwood drink coasters with laser-cut designs are finished with beeswax and have even been spotted in shops in Toronto. 




Other than creating residential products, Studio Robazzo also offers “experiential branding,” covering nearly every aspect of a client company’s desired aesthetic, including website design, packaging, and physical and architectural presence. 

But, their most striking work is by far their physical installations, such as the StalagNight Sculptures, which was inspired by geological formations in caves, was commissioned for a lantern festival in Langford, BC.

The sculptures play with light and geometry, featuring tessellating triangular formations silhouetted by light. It was designed with computer algorithms and manufactured with a laser cutter. 

I know what you're thinking: I need something like this in my home — and there's a good chance Robazzo would make that happen! 





Then there's the .010 Light, an experimental light fixture design that uses algorithms to “grow geometry.” The algorithms create 3D metrics inspired by the growth patterns of coral reefs. The result is a flawless marriage of digital and organic elements, which look both minimalist and funky. 

If these lamps are making you green with envy, you can get your own from the Canadian lighting store ".Decimal".




Studio Robazzo is on fire with all the projects they've been involved with. We are excited to see what's coming up next for this talented design agency. And, I don't know about you, but I've got my eye on that .010 Light! 

To learn more about their impressive portfolio, visit Robazzo.

Find Studio Robazzo on Instagram at @studiorobazzo 

All photos courtesy of Studio Robazzo.


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