The Rose Buffet by MapleArt in Maple Ridge, BC

There's something really special about custom furniture. Not only is it one of a kind, but it can be personalized to suit your requirements.

Meet MapleArt from Maple Ridge, BC, a wonderful design studio that caters clients in the Vancouver area.

I adore their Rose Buffet. Carved with precision, this is a six-foot tall testament of pure woodworking mastery. Crafted out of curly maple by Andres Schneiter, it’s a sculptural hybrid of function and pure artistic expression. The smooth, organic curvature of the piece is not only an impressive display of jointery technique, but also takes planning and creative arrangement.




The panels were selected with care, and arranged based on grain pattern to create continuity, as well as a visually compelling arrangement. Individual instances of knots, sapwood, and heartwood were individually selected and oriented to their most effective and appealing composition.





The drawers, as well as the beams were made with 3-ply laminations to avoid warpage, but also to create a beautifully stark contrast between the light maple and the much-darker laminated centre piece.





Even the drawer sliders were handcrafted to and cut with perfection.





It measures 96 inches in width by 16 inches in depth, and is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular cases of artistic craftsmanship I’ve ever seen. I might need to save some money to get one of these beauties for myself!

If you're salivating for more, than be sure to visit MapleArt to view their fabulous craft collection.

Photographs provided by MapleArt.


Researched and Written by Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman, Undergraduate Environmental Design, OCAD University

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