A Natural Swimming Pool By Genus-Loci

Completed in 2007 in the Blaj-Chung Residence, this swimming pool in Loretto, Ontario, is like dipping into Canada’s natural landscape.

The company - Genus-Loci Ecological Landscapes Inc. - a landscape design-build firm situated in King City, Ontario, specializes in all aspects of landscape design including construction, ecological restoration, and yes, designing and constructing natural pools.


Photo Courtesy of Genus-Loci


Photo Courtesy of Anthony Chung, Source: Genus-Loci


Unlike conventional swimming pools, which rely on chemicals such as chlorine to prevent algae from producing, natural pools are authentic comprehensive aquatic eco-systems.

Instead of chemicals, they use a variation of ‘filters’ such as rock, UV, mechanical aeration and aquatic plants, to create a swimming environment that is safe for not only its human users, but for all flora and fauna.


Photo Courtesy of Genus-Loci


Using natural rock and plantings - like the lily pads shown above - this ‘Cottage At Home’ pool has a fairy-tale quality. Picturesque - the organic curves and free-flowing forms reinforce the authenticity – many would mistake this as long-part of the Canadian landscape, rather than recently constructed.


Photo Courtesy of Genus-Loci


A small waterfall flows from the upper pond, offering the organic movement of the water.

While aesthetically pleasing, the function of the waterfall is crucial to ensure oxygenation, which in turn allows for a healthy, thriving environment for the pond and its creatures. 


Photo Courtesy of Genus-Loci. (Before Picture)


This stunning environment did not come without challenges, as the site for the pool was a small unstable slope that required a geotechnical firm to stabilize it.  

The pool and waterfall also had to be constructed next to a septic field, requiring careful planning and construction. 


Photo Courtesy of Anthony Chung, Source: Genus-Loci


This ‘Cottage-at-Home’ pool is a stellar example of how natural pools can provide a family-friendly environment with sustainable resources!

Isn't that amazing?

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Researched and Written by Gorana Tolja, Graduate of the Ryerson School of Interior Design &  MA Graduate from the Contemporary Art, Design and New Media Art Histories program at OCAD University.

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