The Best Outdoor Spaces In Winter Featuring The Mayfair In Vancouver, BC

Knock, knock – Winter calling, accompanied by lockdown number two! 

With the Covid-19 pandemic, this is the first Canadian winter we’ve been instructed to stay home. Although staying cozy indoors is comforting, one's health and well-being are always enhanced by getting some fresh air outside. Though that's not to say being outdoors during a blizzard doesn't have its challenges.

Creating an outdoor oasis designed to accommodate all four seasons of Canada requires careful consideration. As it turns out, The Mayfair - a luxury estate in ShaughnessyVancouverBritish Columbia - created a dreamy exterior environment that earned the People’s Choice Award and the Best Outdoor Living Space in the 2015 Ovation Awards.

This renovated 1928 mansion boasts 24,700 square feet of resort-style, indoor/outdoor living. Located in Vancouver’s historic Shaughnessy neighbourhood, it was redesigned by Stefan Wiedemann from Wiedemann Architectural Design, landscaped by John Minty from John Minty Design, and constructed by Teragon Developments & Construction Inc

Truly spectacular and winter-approved, here are five features I believe will satisfy most everyone's yearning to be out in the great white north.



Photo courtesy of Teragon Developments & Construction Inc.


1. Outdoor Covered Patio

This Tudor-style home has a charming patio - you wouldn’t know that you’re outside at first until your eyes register the see-through canopy. A covered patio with overhead heating units is pretty fantastic in winter, given it protects you from the inevitable sleet and snowfalls while keeping you warmer. 



Photo courtesy of Teragon Developments & Construction Inc.


2. Bring On The Outdoor Fireplace! 

When anyone envisions Canada in winter, we collectively think cold, cold, and colder! The best way to stay warm? Being close to a source of heat.

While we cannot demand winter to be hot, we can enjoy a wood or gas-burning fireplace outdoors. The Mayfair brings the outdoors to life with a traditional fireplace to complement this Tudor-style home, with a mantle and stonework that elevates this estate. 



Photo courtesy of Teragon Developments & Construction Inc.​


3. Year-Round Plants + Warm Outdoor Lighting

The Mayfair garden is what brings the sanctuary to life. Although The Mayfair's garden, pictured above, showcases a warmer period, it merits mention that landscape designer, John Minty with John Minty Design, used a combination of shrubberies and perennials to elevate the space. 

Minty planted Broadleaf Evergreen shrubberies like the Portuguese Laurel and Hebes; flowering shrubbery such as Star Magnolias and Limelight Hydrangeas; and seasonal perennials like Daylilies and Grasses. 

Equally important, integrating outdoor lighting into your landscape is visually striking, and an investment that increases the value of your property. It's a necessity during a Canadian winter! Given Canada's very northern position in the hemisphere, the hours of daylight change from long during the summer, to extremely short in the winter. For example, in Vancouver, the longest daylight of the year (Summer Solstice) has approximately 16 hours of daylight, whereas it's reduced by half to around 8 hours of daylight on the shortest day of the year (Winter Solstice). As far as I'm concerned, outdoor lighting is an economical way to brighten your mood (and your garden) until Mother Nature wakes from her slumber. After all, cleverly placed outdoor lighting lets you enjoy all four seasons at night.



Photo courtesy of Wiedemann Architectural Design.


4. Grilling Outdoors Is A National Pastime

Yes, Canadians love their grills! Whether we've been skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing in winter, the happiest way Canucks can replenish their energy is by firing up our grills for our families and friends.

The Mayfair took this up a notch compared to most of us, featuring a rustic, full outdoor kitchen fitted with a woodfired pizza oven and travertine limestone detailing. There's even an exterior bar fridge to house your choice of cold beverage - talk about an all-season space!



Photo courtesy of Teragon Developments & Construction Inc.​


5. An Indulgent Spa & Heated Swimming Pool


I was already agog at the outdoor heated swimming pool, but The Mayfair skyrocketed off the charts by also featuring its own Spa. And just beside the pool and hot tub is the outdoor shower and cabana. 

Picture this. You walk out of the cabana into an outdoor oasis. You enjoy a refreshing shower and complete soothing laps in the pool. You then unwind in the hot tub as night falls in the quiet winter evening.


Next on my To-Do List? 

Buy a lottery ticket!


Want to see drool-worthy? Check out the video that showcases The Mayfair inside and out! 


Courtesy of Teragon Developments and Construction.

To see more architectural designs like this, head over to Wiedemann Architectural Design for luxury dwellings and John Minty Design for distinctive garden designs. 


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Researched and Written by May Lam, Professional Writer and Editor, Centennial College, Toronto, Canada

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