Free Spirit Spheres On Vancouver Island, British Columbia

There's no denying that Canada is a gorgeous country that offers a beautiful natural landscape with lots of wildlife that changes with the seasons. In fact, camping has always been a great way to venture out and feel “one” with nature, and there's truly no cooler way to experience the outdoors than by trying out a sphere as an alternative to traditional tent camping. 

Enter Free Spirit Spheres, a spherical treehouse "hotel" that puts a new spin on the phenomenon that is "glamping"!  Located on Vancouver Island, B.C with Nanaimo to the south, Comox Valley to the north, and the Pacific Rim to the west, these spheres are completely immersed in a canopy of greens.



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Free Spirit Spheres created wood and fibreglass spheres that are suspended high up in the treetops, providing a new perspective of Canada’s west-coast landscape and nature. They are the only ones of their kind to offer sphere homes as accommodations, so prepare for a unique experience. 



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When you're ready to book your stay, you have the choice between three spheres (named Eryn, Melody and Luna) with a fourth in the works that will be called Flora.

Each is sized and designed a bit differently, however, they all harbour a glorious view. These modern treehouses are heated and include comfy beds, tables to dine on, and of course, plenty of windows to absorb the scenery – which is exceptional to say the least. You can read more in-depth information about the construction process here.



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"What about washrooms, kitchen, and toiletries", you ask? No need to worry because everything you need is available on the ground level, such as composting toilets, a bathhouse, and even a cookhouse, so you won’t ever be lacking the necessary amenities. 



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Since these spheres are nestled right in Vancouver Island’s coastal rainforest, it’s hard to think of a better place to get lost in nature. In one of these spheres, you’ll surely be able to feel as if you are one with your surroundings, such as the coniferous trees - which are in fact some of the largest trees in the world. Cedar, spruce, and fir trees are just a fraction of what this area has to offer.

There are different layers to this forest, such as a high coniferous canopy up high, a plentiful understory, and a sprawling groundcover. This means there is different wildlife at every level, as each hosts different qualities. Either way, the rainforest flora is plenty and definitely differs from the mainland of B.C.

In terms of animals living on the Vancouver Island rainforest, you may see tree frogs, banana slugs, salamanders, bald eagles, black-tailed deer, bats, and wolves, to name a few. 



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The climate on Vancouver Island is much milder than other areas in Canada. It can get pretty wet and rainy; however, you don’t need to worry about extremely cold temperatures. 

I love the sound of rain – I can only imagine how relaxing it would be to hear the rainfall while staying in one of these cozy spheres!

If all of that isn’t enough, the location of Free Spirit Spheres makes for easy access to a multitude of activities that will also bring you closer to the local nature and wildlife. Sea kayaking, cave exploring, hiking, zip-lining, paddle boarding, and swimming are just some fun options that are super close by. 



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Free Spirit Spheres offer a special way to experience the beauty of Canada's wilderness, right from the forest canopy. I think that staying in the treetops is the perfect way to appreciate all of Vancouver Island's temperate rainforest. I would certainly love to stay here and discover this unique part of Canada's landscape! 

To learn more about these spheres and what they're all about, visit Free Spirit Spheres.


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Researched and Written by Kara Scerri, Graduate from York University and Sheridan College, Ontario

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