Ontario Firm Wins CSLA Award In Residential Design

A Burlington Ontario-based landscape architecture firm, Virginia Burt Designs, has been honoured by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) with the 2015 National Merit Award of Excellence in Residential Design. Their project entitled ‘Acadia Point' in Blandford, Nova Scotia, aimed to combine natural Acadian features and a modern aesthetic in the landscape design of a residential home. 



Photo credit of Photographer Richard Mandelkorn (courtesy of Virginia Burt Designs)



The Acadia Point project parallels Nova Scotia's beautiful coastal landscapes that are rich with soft colours and rustic textures; Unlike conventional patios, Virginia Burt Designs seamlessly intergrated this using the rear patio (pictured above) into its natural surroundings. The result? A gorgeous space that provides access to breathtaking coastal views, and serves as a social and restorative space for the homeowners. Through native plants, rock, and raw materials, the patio and dwelling are blended into the scenery  while the stone patio near the water makes use of the site's organic features.

This smooth transition creates a unique relationship with the Acadian landscape.



Photo credit of Photographer Richard Mandelkorn (courtesy of Virginia Burt Designs)



Not only has Virginia Burt's firm been given a CSLA Excellence Award, but Virginia has also been inducted into the CSLA College of Fellows. This is the highest honour that the society bestows on its members. Burt is also registered with both the APALA (Atlantic Provinces Association of Landscape Architects), as well as the OALA (Ontario Association of Landscape Architects). To continue Burt's year of success, she was recognized by the University of Guelph's top 50 of 50 years. Undoubtedly, Virginia is definitely a designer to keep an eye on!



Photo credit of Photographer Richard Mandelkorn (courtesy of Virginia Burt Designs)



Dedicated to creating personalized, meaningful spaces that stimulate the mind, body and spirit, Virginia Burt’s intuitive approach to her work has garnered much recognition and earned awards across North America. She is also an avid public speaker, having shared her ideas and expertise at a variety of institutions in Canada and the United States.

I love that this ‘Acadia Point' project combines the traditional patio into its natural elements, and I can't wait for more great work from Virginia Burt's firm.

Check out more stunning projects by Virginia Burt Designs. And if you're ever in the Cleveland, Ohio area, look up Virginia Burt Designs American office.

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Researched and Written by Hailey Eldershaw, Undergraduate Landscape Architecture Student, University of Guelph

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