Reimagining the Cabin PART TWO

Here's another spectacular project by Osburn/Clarke Productions Inc. This outstanding property is located on an island on the south west coast of British Columbia, Canada's most westerly province. Renown for its mountain ranges, including the Rockies which feature the highest peaks, alpine lakes, and hundreds of inlets and fjords, B.C.'s rugged coniferous landscape and ocean setting makes for a breathtaking residential site.

This house draws on the structure and spatial quality of a tree fort, with the top floor bedroom and deck literally amongst the trees! Complimenting this playful effect, the architects constructed end walls that open completely to create continuous indoor/outdoor spaces.


Photos Courtesy of Osburn/Clarke Productions Inc.

The roof serves to provide power, generated by solar panels as well as collect water which is stored in cisterns. Wood burning fireplaces heat the interior.

Modern and eco-friendly, this refuge is entirely off the grid.

We call it ultimate rehab from the technological pressures of everyday life!


Courtesy of Osburn/Clarke Productions Inc.

What a spectacular morning view!


Courtesy of Osburn/Clarke Productions Inc.

The simplicity of the structural form and clean lines of the interior compliment the overall design program of the site.

It's a secluded, contemplative and meditative space that allows for reflection on our relationship to nature and the possibility of incorporating more sustainability into our lives. 


Photos Courtesy of Osburn/Clarke Productions Inc.

We applaud the Architects for their magic.

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Researched and Written by Julia Borowicz, Urban Studies and Human Geography, University of Toronto, Undergraduate Studies

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