Scrap House, Collingwood, Ontario

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Nestled in the small Town of the Blue Mountains, 90 minutes northwest of Toronto, Ontario is the rough aesthetic and industrial chic of this property that makes it stand out in remarkable manner from the rest of the new houses and ski lodges popping up in the area.



Metals broker, S. J. Sherbanuk, created this property lovingly called the ‘Scrap House’ out of industrial materials.

The inspiration for this Ontarian was his work scavenging through closed factories in search of these precious materials.



Guided by a utilitarian approach to sustainability and design, S.J. Sherbanuk with designer James Campbell, took advantage of material reuse and the unfailing longevity of industrial scrap.



The outside of the house is made of old galvanized-steel siding and in the interior, a string of exposed steel girders supports the wide roof.






Rawness is a staple of the design, designer James Campbell explains that the materials are as they are –the steel is rusted, the table unstained and the steel unpainted.


The rough yet rooted aesthetic employed by the designer, along with his associate and wife Suzanne Wesetvik, was a fundamental component of the project as it spoke to the traditional building forms in the area –barns and springhouses.

Therefore, although the architecture of the Scrap House seems to be unusual, it evokes the long history of the area and subtly captures that local vernacular.

It is truly an industrial refurbishing that we love!

Further, unbeatable in the way it blends and accentuates the beauty and simplicity of the nature we are blessed with in Canada.


Images beautifully captured by photographer Lorne Bridgman

This property was featured in an article in Dwell. We were super happy to see the magazine showcasing a Canadian property!

Researched and Written by: Julia Borowicz
Urban Studies and Human Geography
University of Toronto, Undergraduate Studies

Posted In: Ontario

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