Chair Your Idea: 5468796 Architecture Inc Hosts An Urban Design Challenge

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to stroll through Osborne Village in Winnipeg – called ‘Canada’s Greatest Neighbourhood’ by the Canadian Institute of Planners – you have undoubtedly seen the light- and eye-catching mirror and glass condominium building on Stradbrook Avenue. The creators of this 8-unit dwelling are none other than local firm 5468796 Architecture Inc. Despite having made a name for themselves internationally, these 12 young professionals have always had a deep love and respect for the city and people of Winnipeg – the city that brought them together.


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It was undoubtedly their investment in the welfare of Winnipeg that launched the firm’s newest brainchild: CHAIR YOUR IDEA. Starting August 27, 2015, and for a $25 registration fee, Winnipeggers are challenged to submit creative solutions for the betterment of the city that are 140 characters in length (a la Twitter) and paired with a white chair of any design. So, what would you do with $30,000 to make Winnipeg’s public spaces and places become even more enjoyable?



The aim of this contest, which is the latest in a string of urban design initiatives by the 5468796 Architecture, is to “illustrate the power of collective thought” and “demonstrate the firm’s belief in the city’s potential as an innovative design capital.” 

The multitude of chairs submitted will be strategically placed around the city, creating fresh urban mise en scene, and will be cared for by local businesses. The newly claimed spaces are intended to create dialogue surrounding urban design and how neighbours might work together to improve the city they share.



CHAIR YOUR IDEA will be promoted by a series of community events and culminate in huge block party where the winner, judged by a panel of professionals on a matrix of impact, creativity and feasibility, will be announced. Moreover, all of the white chairs (hopefully 1000+) will be gathered together at the site of the party.

It’s unsurprising that 5468796 Architecture would mastermind a contest surrounding the image of a single white chair; the 12 young architects are well-known for working around a single table – not unlike King Arthur’s court – to symbolize cooperation and the symbioses of their diverse knowledge and experiences. They are united by the core belief that there are opportunities for architectural exploration within any budget, and that every client, user, and civic environment deserves an outcome that advances architecture.

We tip our hat to this innovative firm committed to making Winnipeg a better place!



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5468796 Architecture Inc.

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Winnipeg, MB
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Entry Fee: $25
Competition Rules here
Chair guidelines here
You can follow the progress of this endeavour on Twitter (@546arch) and Instagram (#chairyouridea).


Are you familiar with the work of 5468796 Architecture Inc? Check out the aforementioned mirror and glass condo here, and a smartly designed energy-efficient cottage here.


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