Christopher Solar Design In Ottawa, Ontario

Designing and creating unique timeless contemporary furniture is what Christopher Solar specializes.

Based out of Ottawa, Ontario, this small business is run single-handedly (for the most part) by Christopher himself.

His design style is modern, clean, and, of course, infused with a touch of his personality!



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In his past, Christopher worked as a software designer while crafting furniture was his hobby.

Now, he runs his furniture design company full-time, and you'll be surprised to know that many of his software skills are still being utilized.

Christopher designs his products on the computer in 3D, and uses CNC software for template/pattern creation to assist production.



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Christopher Solar offers a handful of signature furniture designs, including chairs, floor lamps, small tables, and benches, to name a few.

Since he makes each piece to order, clients have the option to customize. 



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The materials for Christopher Solar Design are durable.

White oak and walnut hardwood are used often, as well as fabrics like wool and vegetable-tanned leather.

One of Christopher Solar’s pieces that really caught my eye is the Mosaic Mirror.



Photo courtesy of Christopher Solar Design



This mirror shows Christopher’s love for pattern. Favouring irregular wood pieces or small squares uniform in size, the client can choose their preference during an initial consultation. The blocks are mixed with black resin and molded into the circular frame of the mirror. These pieces are offcuts and scraps, because Christopher doesn’t like waste. It makes for a beautiful mirror – and the fact it’s reusing existing material is even cooler!

Another item that features an eye-catching pattern is the Pentagon Sideboard.



Photo courtesy of Christopher Solar Design



Pentagonal-shaped wood tiles create an interesting look on the doors of this cabinet. Inside, there are modifiable shelves for storage.

The wood makes this piece distinctively Canadian.

Christopher embraces natural materials and incorporates them in his design, even using live-edge slabs.

Christopher mentions this is this interview.



Photo courtesy of Christopher Solar Design



Christopher's furniture has the capacity to stand the test of time – both in style and quality.

I love their versatility to fit in most any space!

To learn more about Christopher Solar Design, or to place an order, visit

As well, Christopher Solar Design has been featured in the Toronto StarCanadian Living, The Globe and Mail, and the list goes on! Take a look at the Press section of his site to learn more about his exploits!



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