Composite Decks By Canada’s TruNorth

Every year, I constantly face the problem of watching my deck fade and stain from the brutal winters in Ontario. The endless maintenance of re-staining and attempting to revive my deck has lead me to seek out an alternative option.

After weeks of research, I have finally found a solution that is affordable and effective. Phew!




I happily introduce you to composite decks by TruNorth!

"What is a composite deck", you ask? Simple! It is an exterior surface material made of recycled wood fibres and plastic.

The benefits are numerous. This innovative decking material is fade and stain resistant, as well as mold and mildew defiant. Not only does it prevent wear and tarnish but it is also splinter and termite free and is guaranteed to not warp, rot, crack, or split.

The proudly Canadian company has been one of the leading brands in composite decks for over fifty years!




Although this decking looks like the real deal, it lacks the maintenance and repair that accompanies natural wood, which is prone to warping and dry rot. And, being a composite, it has the added benefit of flexibility. This material can even be bent and curved for a custom unique design. Even cleaning is easy! All you need is soap and water, and voila!

That's right, this material is water-proof which means you can stop worrying about that pile of snow on your deck every winter. 





However, don't be fooled as some products discolor within as little as five years due to the ultraviolet sunrays. Composite decks on the other hand are weather resistant and last for decades in pristine condition due to their protective shell and high performance makeup.




TruNorth offers a unique system for deck applications, renovations, and resurfacing of existing decks.

The system comes fully equipped with deck boards, expansion trim, fascia boards, hole plugs for a seamless installation.





Composite decks run for approximately $9.00 per square foot and can be purchased at your local hardware stores, or TruNorth retailer. Although they are slightly more expensive than conventional wood decking, and environmentally-conscious consumers may be resistant to using a material which contains plastic, its longevity exceeds natural wood consistently exposed to the elements. In fact, the product comes with a lifetime warranty.

For those willing to invest the premium for an outdoor material which invites customization - while reducing maintenance and replacement - this Canadian product is a winner.

Visit TruNorth to check out their impressive body of work.


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All Photos Courtesy of TruNorth.


Researched and Written by Syrina Gatta, Interior Design student at Sheridan College

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