Contemporary Product Design By Toronto’s M-S-D-S Studio

Toronto's M-S-D-S Studio is led by company duo Jessica Nakanishi and Jonathan Sabine, and is inspired by Japanese and Swedish design.

Although their name is a play on the abbreviation, ‘Material Safety Data Sheet’, since founding the studio in 2010, they have turned it into their own motto: “Make-Stuff-Design Stuff”!





Their collection offers an array of pieces that are both refined and modern. In fact, their designs are very similar to the Japanese and Scandinavian minimalist trend, but M-S-D-S Studio’s products are 100% original and Canadian.





As seen above, the ‘Trio Tables’ are a combination of varying pastel colours and rearrangement of table tops and legs, creating several distinctive products. While each table serves the same purpose, their designs are versatile, each conveying a different characteristic to a space.





Another of their product is the 'Annular Pendant'- a shade without a bulb. Two seamless cones of spun aluminum conceal a ring of LEDs embedded in the rim. This casts a soft and diffused light. It's witty and fresh design marries the traditional pendant form with new contemporary engineering.

As seen below, one of their traditional wood-working pieces is known as the ‘A Frame Chair’.





‘A Frame Chair’ is designed to be viewed from its rear elevation as it would be while tucked into a table. It features smooth wooden legs that draw into a simple backrest that forms the shape of the letter "A". It is a modern reinterpretation of a bare chair that uses traditional construction.

M-S-D-S Studio uses a mixture of old production methods, such as: spinning, machining, and sand casting of metals, and traditional wood working and upholstery techniques. Following this process, their products may then be embellished using innovative technologies, like 3D-printing or laser cut pieces.





You will definitely want to keep your eyes on M-S-D-S Studio, as I believe they have a bright future ahead of them! Having recently debuted in the Stockholm furniture fair, they are sure to garner international and local acclaim. Their unique combination of Asian and Nordic aesthetics, along with a style that preserve a Canadian identity, will unquestionably put Canada on the map for great product design.

To view their collection, or to learn more about their studio, visit M-S-D-S Studio.

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Photo courtesy of M-S-D-S Studio.


Researched and Written by Crystal Yung, Architectural Studies, University of Waterloo.

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