Fox Buildings Sheds In Lethbridge, Alberta

 Located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Fox Buildings is a company that specializes in storage sheds. They come in different styles, offering a shed to suit every taste.


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Fox Buildings is a family owned business created in 2005 by Wayne Stelfox. Over the years the company has expanded and includes a manufacturing shop, a display lot, and an office in their home base of Lethbridge.



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Here's a list of some of the different storage spaces they offer:

  • Workshop: Workshop-sheds are great for hobbies or storage. They have high sidewalls, one double door, and two 18x27 inch windows.
  • High Barn: High barns are sheds that will give you the most space per square foot and the most headroom, even enough to add a storage loft. It comes with one double door, and two 18x27 inch windows, but you can also have a 9x7 foot overhead door and a heavy duty floor if you opt to use it as a garage.
  • Carriage; A carriage has an 18 inch overhang and a steep roof that creates the look of a mini house. It also provides good headspace with a 7 foot 3 inch front wall, along with a double door, and two 18x27 inch windows.
  • Economy Shed: As the name suggests, this is a basic storage shed that’s also affordable. It has one 3 foot wide door, and enough space to accommodate the overflow from your home.
  • Workshop Garage: This style is a larger shed option that includes a 9x7 foot garage door so you can park any vehicle inside. It can still be used for hobby or storage purposes as it has a 36 inch wide door for access, as well as 7 foot side walls, two 24x27 inch windows and durable flooring.

Any of these structures are great for some extra space, as well as something to consider if you don’t have a garage. 

However, sheds need not be limited for parking vehicles, extra storage or as a workshop. There are plenty of ways one can make a shed become an extension of your home! 



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One trending shift in domesticity is the growing popularity for the “She Shed”. For those who haven’t heard of this before, it’s essentially the woman’s version of the 'man cave'. Think of it as a private space designed as a private sanctuary for her, whether that be for hobbies or activities (almost like a second living room). A few other uses for the “She Shed” could be for gardening, reading, painting, or yoga. 

Some of the “She Shed” designs online seem a bit extravagant – but you could make your space as simple or as lavish as you please. Something with a feminine touch might be appealing to some, or perhaps a rustic more natural look to channel a Canadian farmhouse vibe may be more your style.



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I think that if I had a “She Shed” of my own I would make it into a yoga or meditation room. It would definitely be the perfect size.

If you decide to make a living space out of your shed, I would suggest getting some heating for the colder seasons because we all know how freezing-cold Canada can get! That way you can enjoy it year-round.



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Fox Buildings would be a great choice to begin creating the perfect add-on to your home, whether it’s a “She Shed” or even a “Man Cave”, especially since there are several sheds that would work for either options. The “Carriage” style, for instance, is my favourite because the outside appearance is cozy and inviting.



Photo courtesy of Fox Buildings


Personally, I like the selection and quality of sheds that Fox Buildings sells, and the fact that they are family-owned business is icing on the cake.

If you do not reside in Alberta and are looking for shed manufacturers closer to home, here are some other options, such as:


To learn more about their sheds, or to get a quote, visit Fox Buildings


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