Light Bright By Vancouver’s Bocci Company

Bocci is a Vancouver based lighting company designing and manufacturing their products right here at home.

Made from blown glass, their products showcase the artistry of their craft.

With 8 distinct product lines, classifies by numbers, each line offers a variety in the size, number of bulbs and mount of the fixtures.

The first series of fixtures by Bocci is the classic '14'.


'14' has a simple, spherical design with a cylindrical light inside clear glass. It can be displayed alone as a single pendant, arranged as a collection of single pendants, or placed as a single cascading chandelier of varying shapes and sizes (ranging from 3 spheres to 37 with a square, rectangular or circular mount). Recently, a wall-mounded configuration was added using half of the original sphere design as a simple and sophisticated substitute to the elaborate wall sconce.


'21' is a soft edged fixture with small, rolled, porcelain buds that look almost paper-esque. This series comes as a single pendant style up to a 50 pendant style.

The next one is the real hero of the Bocci collections: the '28'.



'28' is the Bocci series of fixtures with the most variations. It can come as a single desk lamp on a rope, wall mounted globe, wall mount with copper wire, single globe pendant, multiple globe pendant (3-18) and bunched up chandelier (3-37). What really makes this series unique however, is the vast amount of colour customization available. With the '28', there is no need for compromise: get what you want, exactly how you want it.

The '38' series is definitely the “odd man out” of the lighting fixtures at Bocci.

These blown glass globe lights double as planters and are tied together by copper wire. Though unique in their function, they offer the least variety of all the Bocci series lights with a range from one globe to 28 (which is still great). These strange pots can easily create a more exotic environment in a space and lend themselves very well to exterior/garden lighting.


The last series on Bocci’s current list and the company’s most recent design is the '57' line.

These bulbs have a stranger and more twisted shape than the previous models and are completely dark from the outside when inactive. When switched on however, the main body lights up and changes to a creme shade. The other various bubbles on the fixture light up in different amounts, displaying lighter or darker colour profiles based on elements of the crafting process. In this way, every bulb that comes out is entirely unique.

So which collection do you like best? Where would you use a Bocci fixture in your home? Be sure to weigh in by leaving your comments below.

Click HERE for the Bocci website.

Photography courtesy of Bocci’s product gallery.

Researched and written by Zoe Maurice, student of Interior Design at Toronto's Ryerson University

Posted In: British Columbia

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