Minimalistic Product Designs By Montreal’s Designlump

Canada is a country filled with diversity! The best part? The amount of skillful, talented, and creative designers that this diversity brings to a land of equally diverse landscape, climate, and culture. Case in point: Designlump, the 2016 A'Design Award Winning studio founded by Taiwanese Canadian product designer, Chifen Cheng, who was born in Taiwan but grew up in Montreal, Canada.

In many of her work, Cheng boasts a-hard-to-achieve sense of genuine simplicity and minimalism. The designer also utilizes clean geometric forms and natural materials in her collection.

One of her designs, called "Aura Hook", consist of wall hangers that are made of solid white birch wood designed with a groove to allow a shock cord to fit in between or be removed. These simple circular hooks come in three different sizes, and are currently in the works of looking for a producer and manufacturer. All of Cheng's works are exclusively made in Montreal!





Another piece from her collection is the tableware version of the Russian matryoshka dolls. Cheng designed a set of 5 plates that fits concentrically within one another , which she called, petit a petit. An interesting feature about this piece is that it gradually changes from square to a circle while the colour changes from the outermost piece to the center. This makes each plate completely different, and users are unaware of their relation to one another! Each plate is made from coloured porcelain and hand-glazed. Again, exclusively made in Montreal!





One of her most popular designs, which is continuously showcased in multiple features, is her Focal Point lamp. It is both a source of illumination while simultaneously being a decorative light fixture.

It's able to accommodate different lighting positions to accentuate different areas in the house. The light is made of fine porcelain and copper with a subtle hint of colour in its cloth-covered cord. Cheng's design is so popular that limited editions of 100 prototypes have already sold out!





Another furniture piece is Illo, a side table that doubles as an optical illusion. Made of calacatta marble and powder coated steel, it is an elegant playful piece that is designed to be tucked under a sofa or chair.





Artful arrangement of its legs gives it a new appearance from every angle. It is a fresh modern piece fitting for those who want something curious and inventive!





Designlump consistently delivers simple, minimal, and elegant design pieces suitable for everyday use. Chifen Cheng’s designs possess a strong identity for Canadian products to be known as contemporary, fresh, clean, and imaginative. I can’t wait to see more of her pieces!

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Photos courtesy of Designlump.

Researched and Written by Crystal Yung, Architectural Studies, University of Waterloo

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