Modern Lighting Collection By Toronto’s Anony

Anony is a lighting-focused product design studio based in Toronto. Founders Christian Lo and David Ryan aim to distill the complexity of considerations that go into their work, from use of the latest technologies and manufacturing processes, to product lifecycle, into minimal and refined objects with a feeling of timelessness.



Photo by Wendy Pham & Leo Calderon


The Horizon Wall Sconce exemplifies this! With a form so simple it almost recedes into the wall., but it’s the ring of illumination the fixtures provides that stands out. The faces can also be pivoted and repositioned to control the angle of the light.



Photo by Wendy Pham & Leo Calderon



As seen above, the circular motif is repeated in Dawn. Linear suspension lights are a trend we’re certainly seeing more and more of as LEDs gain in popularity for home use. Anony’s take offers dramatic and artful visual impact thanks to a series of plexiglass panels in a variety of smokey shades draped over the tubular aluminum housing. While typically this type of fixture works best over dining tables or kitchen islands, Dawn would also look great suspended a few inches out from a wall above a sofa or bed, doing double duty as wall art.



Photo by Wendy Pham & Leo Calderon



Taking the circle into three dimensions this time, the Ohm pendant, designed in collaboration with Darryl Agawin, introduces an element of interactivity similar to that of the Horizon Sconce to a conventional (if exceptionally paired down) spherical fixture.

The just-slightly-more-than hemispherical shades are available in Matte Sandtex, like the previous fixtures mentioned, or plated in polished brass (as pictured), chrome, or copper for a hint of glitz. With a channel notched into one side, the shade can be repositioned to control light, offering an opportunity to reduced glare at angles where illumination isn’t needed (which can sometimes be the downside of small omnidirectional light sources). At 4.75 inches across, the spheres can be suspended solo or in clusters (a look whose popularity can likely be attributed to the 28 series by Bocci led by Omer Arbel in Vancouver).




This is the first lighting collection by Anony which won them the “Best Collection” award when they launched the pieces in Studio North at IDS. No surprise since grouped together they make for a good looking family.

It’s also worth noting that each of the pieces are dimmable and can be fully disassembled should a component ever need to be replaced, making for a collection that’s functional too, and delivering on Anony’s promise of balancing simplicity and complexity.

Browse more of Anony’s work for a taste of what this design duo has up their sleeve.


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This article was written and researched by Miranda Corcoran, a designer based in Toronto who recently completed studies in Industrial Design at OCAD University.

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